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Man seriously injured in hit and run outside Ashmont T stop; suspect nabbed after crash a few blocks away

UPDATE, 10:35 a.m., Saturday: Dorchester Reporter has more details; victim expected to survive.

A pedestrian was taken away in critical condition following a crash outside 1911 Dorchester Avenue around 9:15 p.m. Because of the severity of his injuries, the homicide and fatal-accident reconstruction units were called in.

The driver of the car sped from the scene, hitting one car at Ashmont Street and then a second car several blocks away at Adams and Beaumont streets.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that after the second crash, at Adams and Beaumont, a man was led away from the scene in handcuffs.

A gun was recovered from the vehicle.



Good job TPD ! Now the cop haters and second guessers can respond and blame the police for pursuing the vehicle and causing the second accident. One question I have is in the City of Boston when there is a police pursuit does an outside agency like the Transit Police have to notify the Boston Police and follow BPD rules or do they have their own rules when chasing cars through the streets of Boston.

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The second accident was relatively minor; the key thing is TPD only started chasing him after he ran down a pedestrian.

As for chase rules, no clue, but TPD and BPD keep in close radio contact.

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The second accident was not minor. The guy hit the side of a large suv and put it through a fence. After almost killing a hard working man at ashmont he led the tpd on a half mile pursuit before almost killing a second man. And he had a loaded handgun on his possession. Good riddance. Thank you to all police departments for keeping idiots off the streets.

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TPD operate under their own rules. Much like MSP they share what’s going on with local departments as their backup is usually too far away and they’re looking for assistance

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TPD are actually able to stop within .5 miles of any bus or train service operated by the authority. This technically gives them the authority to work the beat in downtown Worcester by the commuter rail stop or in Weston or Franklin if they desire-but you will usually see at least 5 cruisers pulled up onto the sidewalk at Harvard and Forest Hills and then nowhere else ever.

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This is actually false and is why they constantly get treated like they’re powerless, making simple situations more difficult. From the T’s website:

The MBTA Transit Police (TPD) is a civil service police department with full police powers within the cities and towns in the MBTA’s service area.

I believe this equates to FULL POLICE POWERS in 174 cities and towns last I heard. Outside of that they have some sort of railway police powers, even in Providence, RI. It’s been like this since they were created in 1968.

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If there is one bus stop or one inch of any MBTA related rail in any town in the Commonwealth, the T Police have authority in the entire town. This includes the right of arrest in any situation and "Chapter 90" the authority to write traffic violations for anything, even if unrelated to the T. A popular Globe columnist found out the hard way, collapsing at the MBTA booking desk after an OUI/Drunk Driving in the Boston Globe car. Still employed!

The MA Environmental Police, although much smaller than the T, have statewide authority on all crimes and traffic.

As noted in an earlier post, a police officer in the smallest town has powers in every other town in a chase, if he has an arrestable offense in his town. An officer in Great Barrington could chase someone into Boston and have all of the authority of a Boston cop if the chase ended in Boston. Very solid case law on this, although chases are now discouraged.

Many of our sheriffs are swearing in local cops as unpaid deputies but with full authority to make arrests across town lines as deputies, just as a safety net against false arrest. It gives the officers countywide right of arrest in case of lawsuit.

Of course every citizen can arrest someone on a felony if he/she knows the suspect "in fact committed" the crime, such as a bank robbery occurring in front of you. Police officials discourage it but we all have that long established right.

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Was the driver/suspect arraigned for DUI and gun charges, and name released? Nobody seems to be following up on this story.

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