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Wu once again shows electoral strength across Boston

Map showing at-large winners in Boston precincts

Purple shows precincts Wu won.

Matt McCloskey has compiled a map showing which at-large candidates won which precincts in yesterday's council election. As she did in the September preliminary, incumbent and top finisher Michelle Wu came in first in the most precincts across the city, by far.



Woo-hoo! (Or is it Wu-who?) Mayor Wu!


Boston doesn't vote for smart candidates.

We seem to prefer our blue collar candidates.

These maps are so cool. Nice to see that my precinct hit 30% of eligible voters voting.


What was the turnout citywide?

16%, stick a fork in us, we're done.

I decided to look back at the numbers.

20 years ago, with basically the same deal citywide, the turnout was 24.2%

38 years ago, with the at large council and school committee the only things on the ballot, the turnout was 37.2% (97,496 votes cast out of 261,576 registered voters.)

It is a scary time for democracy, and I'm not talking about any candidate or elected official. Voter apathy is a very bad thing.

5-Car knows his base.


I got to meet her last night as she was shaking hands outside my polling place. She's just great.

Do not underestimate Marty Walsh. He is not unpopular with voters despite what Twitter may tell you otherwise. He can be beaten, if he even runs again. But it is not a guarantee and Wu will be the underdog. It's very different to vote for a city councilor versus a mayor. It's very different to run a City Council campaign than a mayoral one. We've seen this play before with Flaherty and then Connolly topping City Council tickets then falling short for mayor. The city is changing, Wu might be able to do it. But Walsh remains formidable.

First of all, these are great maps and I appreciate the author’s work in preparing and sharing them.

Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble distinguishing the colors? I have looked at this on a couple of different monitors and, while I can (barely) see the difference between the three purple shades when two different purple precincts are immediately adjacent, I can’t match them with the key, nor, with an isolated purple precinct, can I tell which purple it is.

It is possible that I have a little previously undiagnosed color blindness, of course... sanity check?

There's only one purple on that chart. I'm confused as to what else you're seeing... maybe you think the pink and blue are also purple? Or maybe you're looking at the three different items in the legend that are the same shade of brown, which indicate too-close-to-call with Flaherty as a possible winner.

I see Wu as purple, Flaherty/Wu (Ward 12, Precinct 7, e.g.) as brown, Flaherty/Essabi-George (Ward 20, Precinct 9) as kind of a purplish brown very hard to distinguish from Wu, and Flaherty/Meija (Ward 8 Precinct 4) also as a purplish brown. Could be me, or my monitor settings?