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Tire slasher running amok on Hyde Park/Roslindale line

Over the last few days, somebody has been busy slashing tires on the streets near the George Wright Golf Course and up on Grew Hill in the early morning hours. One resident reports:

Several streets around the George Wright Golf Course) Deforest, Bateman, Hallron, Poplar & West and think there are other streets too but any cars parked in the street their tires have been slashed. Started Thursday night with up to 17 cars then happened again last night. A guest of mine got her tires slashed and several of my neighbors. We have called the police (same guy came out 2x) and basically said he didn’t know what to do. It’s up to us apparently to be vigilant. If any of you live in this area (it has been posted too on Nextdoor Metropolitan Hill) please just be aware. We are narrowing the time down to 3 to 5 am in the morning. They are super brazen (not only to come back again) but a car parked right in front of my house had her tire punctured/slashed 9x!!!