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Housing and homelessness topics at forum for at-large candidates

The Dorchester Reporter reports on a forum in Roxbury for people running for the four at-large City Council seats open in next month's election.




Blah blah blah. We need to do this, we need to do that. And still no housing for the homeless. What WILL actually be done? Probably nothing because the higherups are only into what will rake in the $$ .

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Lived here for about 16 years now... homelessness is the worst I've ever seen it here in this city. Keep building that 'build baby build' new construction crap for the wealthy though! Pushing out working class housing in favor of luxe investment condo property no one actually lives in... how arrogant.

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I wish them all the best with bringing their dreams to the desk that has a sign saying, "The Buck Stops Here" on it.

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