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Masshole in a Mercedes got places to go, people to see; trooper makes him clear up some time to clear off his roof

Mercedes covered in snow

Photo via State Police.

State Police show us the Masshole one trooper stopped in Boston this morning - with a reminder to not be that guy:

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… with that much snow on the roof. It, of course, came sliding down onto the windshield and covered it. The driver nearly hit a pedestrian and held up traffic at the intersection while he looked for something to clear it off with. Lucky no one was harmed except by the scare it caused.
Why are people so dumb?

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The word you're looking for is "lazy"...but dumb is accurate, too.

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We'll never know!

(we know)

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Mercedes oblige.

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That’ll show drivers they have to make sure they remove the snow from the top of their cars before they drive them. Otherwise there is the slight chance they will be the one person was h storm police ask to remove it with no ticket.

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The snow should be removed, for sure...but this definitely gives me an idea of what this trooper thinks six inches looks like.

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Surely there is someone who can turn this into a better joke than I can.

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Please stop attributing assault to negligence.

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I love car cake. Love, love, love!

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