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State Police: Man steals Boston water truck, drives it down to Rhode Island

State Police report arresting a man they say stole a BWSC water-tank truck this afternoon, then took it for a ride all the way down to Rhode Island, then drove back into Massachusetts, where he was arrested after deciding he no longer wanted to drive a truck with a tired flattened by a "tire deflation device."

Video by State Police air wing:

State Police say that around 12:20 p.m., troopers on patrol picked up a transmission from Boston Police about a BWSC water-tank truck that had earlier and the day and that, based on its GPS signals, was on I-495 in Franklin:

Moments later, MSP Troopers located the truck, a 2008 International 400SER, and attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop. The suspect operating the truck refused to stop, and Troop H Headquarters authorized a pursuit and assumed command and control.

The stolen truck exited 495 onto Route 95 southbound. MSP notified Rhode Island State Police of the possibility of the pursuit entering their state, and RISP positioned a cruiser on the state line. The stolen truck crossed into Rhode Island and was pursued by two RISP cruisers. Moments later RISP advised MSP that the stolen truck was now on Route 195 heading toward Massachusetts.

A short time later, the stolen truck entered Massachusetts on Route 195 eastbound in Seekonk and Troopers from MSP Troop D picked up the pursuit under command and control of Troop D Headquarters. The pursuit continued eastbound into Fall River.

Shortly after 1 p.m. the stolen truck struck a tire deflation device put down by an MSP Trooper, sustaining a flat right front tire. The stolen truck continued to travel eastbound on the flat tire, and exited 195 onto Route 88 southbound in Westport. Several minutes later the suspect voluntarily pulled to a stop on 88, and the operator was taken into custody.

The driver was taken to Charlton Hospital for observation and will be summoned to court at a later date, State Police say.

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He may be happy to know he'll be going up the river.

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BWSC has a lot of power and influence over Boston because their letterhead says Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are the Illuminati. Like the IRS. Untouchable. Yet this happened. What causes this?

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Come on guys, youse didn’t have to lock him up. He just needed a ride to go get a covid 19 test. He heard that the president came down with covid and he wanted to go get tested too. He just didn’t have a ride.

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unless this can be classified as "transitory travel"

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Melania was performing at Alex's in Stoughton?

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Maybe he thought they needed help watering the drinks at the Foxy Lady?

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Clearly just a small dump truck. But whatever.

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...oh, the irony.

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"...the driver was taken to Charlton Hospital for observation and will be summoned to court at a later date..."

So he basically got a lift to the hospital and a ticket? That seems oddly lenient. Interested to hear more.

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but Boston has a Fremen problem and Marty Walsh refuses to do anything about it. I'm not saying Beast Rabban is a good man but he might be the mayor we need.

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Can't read the 311 reports without seeing worm reports on Beacon Hill and in the Back Bay.

Keep used spice grinds out of your trash, people.

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in Rhode Island?

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