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How to celebrate a Dorchester kid's birthday

Birthday cake that looks like the Ho Chi Minh gas tank in Dorchester

Adam Balsam shows off the birthday cake he made for his son Arlo on his fifth birthday yesterday. He adds:

I spent way too long on Ho Chi Minh.

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Nice job; nailed the HCM too.

I remember how everybody was up in arms when that painting first appeared.

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I want to give you a grin
Something with a chin
My son has his fifth
I grab the cake mix
Do you see Ho Chi Minh

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Meanwhile the kid is like WTF is this??

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Or possibly you underestimate five-year-old kids in Dorchester.

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I grew up a bit further south, but even for us when I was a kid and we were driving home from northern New England or from the airport seeing those tanks (yes, I was a kid when there were still two) was definitely a "We're almost home" signal.

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to see HCM after 30 years of looking.

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Ah ya blind?
It is definitely Ho Chi Minh-esqu
Awesome cake. I may have to steal that idea!!!

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As a wee lad from Fields Corner I got a brand new train set for my fourth birthday: The Red Line 01800s!

"Mommy, mommy! It's the SAME man from the other shiny train!"

"Yes, honey, they have robots doing the announcements now."

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Otherwise, I'd have attempted to make one like this when my boys were little:

They used to get so excited when we passed that building just north of North Station.

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...until it was rebuilt a few years ago.

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I wish I had a natural gas tank birthday cake when I turned 5

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