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Charlesgate could get Boston's largest dog park

The Boston Sun reports plans for revitalizing the dreary Charlesgate under and around the Bowker Overpass that connects Storrow Drive to the Fenway now include a half-acre dog park that would have separate areas for both canine introverts and extroverts.

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This is a bad idea. Locks in keeping the unnecessary Bowker Overpass permanently and prevents the Olmsted designed park there from being restored to its Eden like glory.

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This concrete abomination is a vestige of 1950's engineering erected for CARS, CARS, and ONLY CARS! Olmstead's Emerald Necklace was degraded by the gotdamn MDC (later DCR, now MassHighway) parkways, and then Storrow Drive and this hulking monstrosity drove a nail into the coffin.

Instead of a scenic waterway merging into the Charles River, bordered by neatly trimmed tree-lined boulevards and avenues, we have overhead highways creating a menacing no-man's land, supported by concrete and steel pilings driven into the Muddy River, surrounded by high-speed on-ramps and off-ramps. Instead of a sparkling gem and destination, we have a permanently shadowed concrete jungle.

Tear this shit DOWN. Eliminate the exit from Storrow, or, better yet, eliminate Storrow Drive and restore it to the parkland it's actually still legally supposed to be under the terms of the family's gift to the PEOPLE (not the DRIVERS) of Boston!

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Anyone know if there has there been any kind of progress on the proposed JP dog park?

If nothing else, other parks popping up around the city takes some of the wind out of the "not with my tax dollars" arguments that get trotted out. Nevertheless, JP dog owners really desire a legal place to let the puppos romp off-leash (after all this quarantine stuff is over, of course).

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Until then, dogs can "romp off-leash" in their house.

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The owner of an unleashed dog simply can't experience at home the pure joy of getting see their doggo take out a blue heron. Or something?

I dunno, I have a dog and I walk it on a leash around the neighborhood and the Arbs. I guess my dog isn't special like the ones owned by the assholes down at Fallon Field.

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I have two dogs (one being the dreaded pitbull type of dog) and I avoid the dog parks like the plague. We go for walks in the neighborhood or in a park but they are on leash.

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Yes, notoriously social cats. My neighbors let theirs roam free and all, so come drop yours off. The coyotes are looking thin.

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Can you imagine dragging a bunch of cats out of their homes, and putting them in a space with a bunch of other cats they don't know? It would be a bloodbath.

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Lots of people let their cats go outdoors. Dogs are the only animal which specifically requires a leash.

Every park is a cat park if you want it to be.

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I recall the when I was in college many years ago- the patch on the Kenmore side of the overpass always seemed to have a fair amount of dog/ goose/ whatever droppings to the point we called it "Fecal Field"

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