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Council candidates consider how to keep Allston weird

The Dig interviews the candidates running to replace Mark Ciommo in District 9 (Allston/Brighton) on how to keep the arts alive in Allston.




some heretofore unrealized shift in this culture's values, artists, immigrants, and students will NOT be able to but minimally share space with the sanitized corporate "young professional" set who want to live in extremely small square glass apartments in extremely square large glass buildings.

the corporate drone humans, though economically useful in certain ways, and for certain consumer infrastructure, have a blandness and extraversion that is too dominant for the natural world.

the bottom line is, if you want to have a city that isn't a bland piece of shit, you are going to have to keep corporate-style lifeforms' expansion into Allston to a minimum, and leave the rest of the territory fallow, so that people like us swarthy rat-infested hoards can continue to afford to provide the rest of the area with something like a conscience.

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You flatter yourself, too much, I think.

"Immigrants" aren't going anywhere. Don't you know the demographics of the past two decades in Boston? We're becoming more of a melting pot with every single day, repeating trends that took place between the 1850s to 1920s.

Have you considered, I don't know, Everett, Malden or Medford from which you can continue to provide us with the quality of life you somehow think you contribute to? Each is about the same distance to Boston City Hall as the Allston Car Wash .. where you can clean up?

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Please advocate for hard of hearing folks, for all folks access to the Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council, a public funded more complete Document than Minutes, more accurate than flawed video captioning. More up to date City Council technology/software for greater civic engagement !

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To keep the arts alive?

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for Lee Nave. We need a rep who will invest in public education, foster the art community, and *especially* fight the greed intrinsic to real estate development. I wholeheartedly welcome a flip tax and rent control.

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