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Wunderbar! German president in town, will take in a concert at Symphony Hall

If you happen to be downtown or in the Back Bay or the Fenway this evening and wonder about the Major Motorcade and all the police and stuff, it's because German Präsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier is Hubbing it to conclude "the official end of Wunderbar Together, the Year of German-America Friendship," with a joint concert by the BSO and the Leipzig Gewandhausorchester tonight.

Somebody please stop us from making a crack how that orchestra's name is pronounced Gusta, because that would be unseemly and just the sort of thing to spark an international incident.

H/t DavidPuddy.

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Happy Leipzig Week to one and all!

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Does he tweet? I know I could look it up myself, but I kind of want to join his entourage so I'll need live locational updates.

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No power. He just goes to a lot of events like this.

Nice work if you're a retired politician.

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Our first concert of the season, we saw several men with earpieces but not sure who for, until the Präsident was introduced from the stage, after which he gave brief remarks. He sat in orchestra section on main floor, on Mass Ave side for the entire program.

Shameful that for a head of state to attend that Marty Walsh was conspicuous in his absence at Symphony Hall, where he could offer to the public greetings of the City of Boston.

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I saw the men with earpieces while I was looking for the bathroom, which is difficult to find there, and wondered who was there. Almost asked one of them for directions. He gave a very gracious speech about our two cultures. I am not a classical music expert but the pieces, especially the Scriabin work at the end, were magnificent.

Leipzig is a nice little city, visited there earlier in the year and enjoyed the experience. There was a race around the city that night and the city square was full of revelers.

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