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Legacy Place

By adamg - 7/19/22 - 5:28 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the P.F. Chang's at Legacy Place is going to be replaced by a Capital Grille, which offers neither Chinese food nor giant horse statues.

By adamg - 3/24/22 - 5:44 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Friendly Toast hopes to open an outlet at Legacy Place this summer.

By adamg - 3/2/22 - 3:40 pm

Reuters reports Amazon is abandoning its foray into bricks-and-mortar books and is shutting all of its physical locations where it sold books, including at Legacy Place.

By adamg - 1/28/19 - 11:10 pm

The MBTA today released a ton of proposals to change its bus routes, including one of the longest routes in its system: The 34/34E that runs from Forest Hills all the way to Walpole. Read more.

By adamg - 9/20/14 - 10:53 am
Lined up in Legacy Place in Dedham for Red Sox tote bags

Lined up outside L.L. Bean.

When Dana Gitell got to Legacy Place in Dedham around 9:20 this morning, she saw two long lines. Yes, one was outside the Apple store (below). But the other was outside L.L. Bean, where people were lined up for Red Sox "limited edition" tote bags.

By adamg - 2/6/12 - 7:38 am

Dedham Patch reports on one Dedham mother's efforts to get the clothing store to put the sexy books (yes, of course Urban Outfitters carries books about sex) in an "adult" section where the teenlets who flock there from as far away as West Roxbury can't have their impressionable minds sullied by titles such as Sex Tips for Girls by Guys and

By adamg - 12/21/10 - 7:24 am

In fact, he bit a cop trying to get him out of the mall for committing various alleged acts of assholery and wound up getting a shot of pepper spray, Dedham Patch reports.

By adamg - 7/6/10 - 7:11 pm

WBZ tweets the Legacy Place mall shut down at 6 to "conserve power." Alert New England tweets the power's also out at the Super Stop & Shop in Dedham.

Dave Atkins tweets Westwood is powerless in this heat tonight, or, at least, his street.

By adamg - 9/14/09 - 3:36 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Kings, the Back Bay bowling/eating place, is opening a branch at Legacy Place in Dedham.

I'm thinking Ron's in Hyde Park is not too worried.

By adamg - 7/24/09 - 7:49 am

Channel 25 reports crazed outdoorsy types are, even as I type this, standing in the pouring rain in Dedham waiting for the new L.L. Bean to open this morning - in another hour and ten minutes.

By adamg - 7/23/09 - 9:59 pm
That's some boot

Paul Keleher shot the giant boot outside the new L.L. Bean's at the new Legacy Place (where the Dedham Googleplex used to be). The store opens Friday morning.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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