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Bank of America

By adamg - 7/12/11 - 2:25 pm

Max Silver reports:

Scary - all Bank of America systems in Boston area are down. No account management possible.

By Anonymous - 2/27/11 - 3:42 am

"We won't pay for your crisis"

If you have $3 in your wallet, you have more money than Bank of America paid in corporate taxes last year. On Saturday, USuncut took peaceful action against the Bank of America branch in Harvard Square by protesting the unfair tax code and drawing attention to that fact this ginourmous Bank of America happily profits from taxpayer-funded bailouts and banking business but avoids paying almost anything in Federal taxes.

By adamg - 5/13/09 - 10:33 am

Guy taking macro shots of tulips in front of a Bank of America branch downtown is ordered to stop by a bank rent-a-cop.

By adamg - 5/12/09 - 9:11 am

Paul Levy reports on the tsouris he is having thanks to a Bank of America ATM in Newton Centre that ate both his ATM card and the checks he was attempting to deposit.

He follows up with a post on his travails with a Bank of America rep who contacted him via Twitter.

By adamg - 4/8/09 - 1:40 pm

Word reaches us that Bank of America has told Stillman's Farms it can't use the bank parking lot off Centre Street for its farmer's markets this year:

By adamg - 6/4/08 - 7:24 pm

Steve S. gets that real secure feeling when he notices the armed security guard asleep at the Bank of America kiosk - and he explains why, in the end, he decided not to knock over the bank.

By adamg - 4/1/08 - 1:50 pm

No, there's no punchline:

... But by 10 a.m., dozens of police had surrounded the bank and were waiting for equipment to cut through the chains and the bicycle lock looped through the door and around one protester's neck. ...

The story also raises that perennial question: Is Copley Square part of downtown?

By adamg - 3/10/08 - 5:41 pm

Milan Kohut had been charged with peddling without a license when police objected to him standing outside a Financial District branch of the Bank of America with a pile of nooses and a sign reading "Nooses on sale."

On Friday, a Boston Municipal Court judge dismissed the charges, the Dig reports. Kohut had argued he was making a political comment about the mortgage crisis, not actually trying to sell downtown workers a way to hang themselves. He's now asking for his nooses back.

By adamg - 1/22/07 - 2:29 pm

Boston Police report arresting a woman yesterday afternoon for scrawling graffiti inside a Bank of America ATM on Tremont Street in Roxbury. No, not Pixnit - this woman was 60. Alas, BPDNews did not report what she wrote with her red marker.

By adamg - 12/18/06 - 10:31 pm

On Soho the Dog, Matthew does some back-of-envelope calculations and concludes the bank pulled its $600,000 annual donation not out of any sense of tough love for the series (bank officials talked of forcing the series to broaden its base of support) but because it simply gets more of a marketing bang out of similar donations to the MFA and BSO. And it will only get worse, he writes:

By adamg - 12/14/06 - 8:09 am

Joel Brown discusses Bank of America's decision to stop funding the Celebrity Series, started by predecessor FleetBank:

...Both sides make nice with quotes about how important it is for givers and getters to diversify and blah blah. But basically this is the now out-of-town bank yanking major support from an arts series that has been a mainstay. ...

It's another reason to patronize a locally owned bank, Leslie Turek writes.

By adamg - 11/17/06 - 7:54 pm

Josh Ourisman begins to compile a list of banks to consider now that he's leaving the clutches of Bank of America. Jason Legg offers some additional alternatives.

By adamg - 11/15/06 - 8:02 pm

Imagine you've just added $11,000 to the $9,000 you already had in your account, then checking your balance and seeing the bank thinks you have a balance of -$6,000. You might not be very happy. Even after they figure out what happened and fix it.

By adamg - 5/4/06 - 11:56 am

A Parkway Transcript article makes you go "Hmm, wonder how long before they file a lawsuit?"

Seems police arrested two Rozzie guys, one 22, one 15, for a botched hold-up attempt at the Bank of America branch in Roslindale Square after a bank security officer fingered the pair.

By adamg - 3/8/06 - 10:27 am

Jason Feifer does so enjoy his monthly chats with the always polite Bank of America phone people:

... We've developed a routine, you and I. You might say we keep in touch well. Every month, you charge me $25 for my account. When I get the monthly statement, I call one of your representatives to remind you that, in fact, I'm not supposed to be charged that fee. After some research, the representative agrees and refunds the money. The following month, I'm charged the fee again, and the cycle repeats. ...

By adamg - 10/28/05 - 8:05 am

About a month ago, Jason started getting somebody else's electronic-banking info via e-mail. He calls Bank of America to let them know that somebody goofed when inputting his or her e-mail address:

By adamg - 7/16/05 - 7:36 am

Alexandra explains why she's the latest person to cancel her Bank of America account:

... I have been ATM cardless for nearly a month. I called yesterday for the third time to see why my card had not arrived yet. "No card was ever ordered. Your address was never changed." ...

By adamg - 6/24/05 - 8:11 am

Ryan thinks Bank of America should know that if they insist on offering online banking, the least they should do is have a functioning DNS server.

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