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By markg - 8/17/20 - 1:09 pm

Our mail-in ballots took six days to travel across Watertown mailed 8/11 arrived 8/17. Expect more USPS slow downs as the November election approaches. Trumps plan to Kneecap the Post Office https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/14/obama-trump-postal-service-usps-395270 seems to be having the desired effect.

Check the status of your mail-in ballot here: https://www.sec.state.ma.us/wheredoivotema/track/trackmyballot.aspx

By massmarrier - 11/3/16 - 3:35 pm

Sigh, as I feared when family members returned from early voting in Boston, all those ballots will be treated as absentee ones come Tuesday. That is, they will arrive in masses of envelopes inside larger envelopes for the wardens and clerks to process.

Our training for the recent primary included a promise that Elections would be able to process voters from the 255 precincts via smart computer tech. That would have meant fewer ballots for each precinct to handle. But no... Read more.

By theszak - 2/5/08 - 9:55 am

Data files, computer files for printing ballots are public records and can be requested from the Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, email election at sec.state.ma.us

Images of the ballots can be problematical where the content would have to be transcribed letter by letter, key by key or optical scanner.

By theszak - 2/4/08 - 12:33 pm

Specimen ballots are now available and can be requested by email
election at sec.state.ma.us

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