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By adamg - 6/7/21 - 11:35 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that a man who rented out his Lynnfield mansion to people who then threw a massive party that ended with a guest shot to death was not negligent, in part because he wasn't there and had given control of the property over to the five men who'd rented the place. Read more

By adamg - 8/28/17 - 4:58 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports they tore down the Ship in Lynnfield today.

By adamg - 1/12/17 - 7:16 pm

The Lynn Item reports a developer wants to decommission the nautical restaurant and turn the space into retail space and a new, un-masted restaurant.

By adamg - 7/13/06 - 8:20 am

Liz describes and photographs the Tuesday-afternoon flooding at the Lynnfield tunnel on Rte. 1:

... Traffic wasn't moving, and if you looked up ahead we saw the beginning of what should have been the road going under the bridge but instead looked like a raging river. Cars which tried to make it were stuck and literally bobbing in the water. ...

Via Boston Crazy Driving.

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