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When is the Boston Marathon happening in 2021?

I know the Marathon is postponed until fall but has anyone heard rumors of dates?


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The date will be in September at last check and announcement, and subject to what ever the pandemic may still be dealing to people. Of course this could change. Keep in mind there is a municipal election (Mayor, etc.) in Boston in 2021 and while the preliminary election would be on a Tuesday, any marathon activities would have to take that info consideration. Ditto Labor Day (Sept 6).

BAA page only says it has been postponed until the fall. Until they post something or have a press conference no one else will know.


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September seems likely.
Similar to considerations when they were hoping for a rescheduled race in Fall 2020, I'm sure they'd like to have it slightly later so less risk of hot weather, but there are competing considerations both locally (in other categories) and nationally (other major races).
Chicago Marathon Oct 10
Head of the Charles Regatta Oct 23-24
Marine Corps Marathon Oct 31
NYC Marathon Nov 7

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...and lest I forget, the Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out Tar and Feather Invitational on January 20.
How nice that it just happened to work out that one can plot a road route of 26.2 miles from the White House to the Whine House Pitch & Putt in Virginia.

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