Derek Lumpkins asks:

Just realizing that I haven't had a good duck dish in Boston since last winter. Who's got something new on the menu this fall?





Some answers via Twitter

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A few ducky thoughts

Wonton noodle soup topped with roast duck, char siu pork, and soy sauce chicken at Hong Kong Cafe in Chinatown

Three course Peking duck with noodles for the second course at China King in Chinatown. Order 24 hours ahead.

Spiced duck breast at Chickadee in the Seaport

Khao soi with duck at Khao Hom Thai in Billerica

Smoked duck breast at Alden & Harlow in Harvard Square

Duck tasting at Troquet in the Fi-Di.

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Most of your larger Chinese markets

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I'm not sure if you were looking for a night out or something to take home but almost all of the larger Chinese supermarkets have a cooked duck section. A little greasy for me but worth it a couple of times a year. Some of the stores will cook it to order and add sides.

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Gaslight in the South End has a great Duck confit

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Tsurumen in Davis Square has

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Tsurumen in Davis Square has been occasionally having duck tsukumen this fall, and it's fantastic.

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