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Even Sting needs to use the men's room

Jim Sullivan reports he was using the facilities at the Paradise on Friday when he noticed who was a couple urinals away: Sting:

... What, I asked him: No rock star pissoir? No, he laughed, he was just folks. ... We'd both just seen his son's band, Fictionplane, play the room - well, he'd seen the last song, as he was delayed by a meeting and just caught an encore with his wife Trudie Styler. But he talked about how proud he was of his son. I applaud his courage and talent; he's really worked hard, and said that Fictionplane's position as the opening act on the Police tour was legit. While we talked, he mimicked the usual audience response to an opening act - arms crossed, bored look - and said Fictionplane, an act full of manic bravado, had won over the show-me stadium crowds. ...

Michael Femia, meanwhile, reviews the old man's show at Fenway.

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