No more treks to JP for Indian food

Himalayan Bistro opened yesterday, bringing relief to long suffering Indian-food fans in West Roxbury, Roslindale and East Dedham. It also doubles as the Boston area's first Nepali restaurant.

We stopped by tonight for some takeout. I admit it, I wasn't feeling so adventurous, so I got chicken curry with some naan.

Very good! Only quibble: I'd asked for mild and the curry was relatively hot - which normally I like, except when it's already wicked hot and humid out like it was before the downpour.

The restaurant takes the place of the old Yoo Hoo's ice-cream parlor. It's an amazing transformation. Yoo Hoo's was a narrow space, but Himalayan Bistro is this huge (well, by West Roxbury standards), high-ceilinged, wood-panelled room (with small candles on every table, even).

And, oh my God, they have brunch on both weekdays and weekends. I am SO there.

Himalayan Bistro is at 1735 Centre St., across from West, and a block away from the Holy Name rotary. Map.

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I like Bukhara

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But, yeah, from my end of Roslindale (almost in Hyde Park), it's just too far (especially for the all important lunch buffet when I'm working at home).

Hmm, if you're going into Brookline, where do people from Brookline go? :-).

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I can't wait to try it. I

I can't wait to try it. I have never been a fan of Bukhara (since they are overpriced and under tasty). If this place hits the spot, my treks to Punjabi Dhaba might become less frequent.

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Ah, finally logged in...and tried the place!

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Most excellent food. No longer shall I have to trek to evil JP Nation to get my Indian food fix. And there's some Himalayan food on the menu! Trying the goat next time...

Walking distance to home to boot.

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