Grief, applause on Hanover Street in farewell to Kennedy


Shortly after 4 p.m., the news copters started circling over the Rose Kennedy Greenway and Boston police and state troopers on motorcycles began roaring by, and people who'd been waiting for an hour or more stood up, knowing the funeral procession was approaching.

Some people had tears in their eyes as they said goodbye to their senator. Others applauded or waved as his hearse passed. Inside the limos and one bus of the procession, members of the Kennedy family returned the waves. And then, quickly, it was over. A Duck Boat turned onto Hanover. The driver managed to refrain from asking his passengers to quack.




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The scene on Bowdoin St., and a memory

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Matt O'Malley watched the procession on Bowdoin Street, where Kennedy had his first office as an assistant DA:

The crowd on Bowdoin Street was thick, with senators and reps from the Great and General Court bedecked in suits standing shoulder to shoulder with construction men in jeans. Senator Kennedy would have it no other way. ...

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There was a line of people

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There was a line of people lining the streets all the way down summer street to the convention center. I'm sure it picked back up in residential southie.

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