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The driveway that's really a road

When last we left eeka, she had just discovered that the city thinks her driveway and side yard are really a road. Then she goes to the Registry of Deeds, where somebody helps her pull the plans for her land and then, after examining them asks: "How the hell did someone grant you a mortgage?" At least her partner sees a silver lining: when it snows, they can demand the city plow their "street".

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Doubt that it is a "road". It is most likely a right of way, the city aint going to plow that. Even if it is a road the snow will melt before the city gets around to plowing it.
I don't know much about land or houses, but I think this is what title insurance is for. When you get a mortgage the bank makes you pay for their title insurance, and you are also able to buy your own. Maybe the insurance will pay for the lawyer when someone gets sued, not sure. I would talk to a lawyer really quick. (The first hour is free.)

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