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Latest NS Score- Retail: 4, Riders: 0

For those of you who have been wondering what the current bit of construction going on in the ever shrinking North Station waiting area is, the banner posted today answers the question.

This latest retail establishment will be yet another Dunkin Donuts.

Good news for those of you who can't bear to walk the 25 feet or so from the commuter rail platforms to the existing Dunkies located at the west entrance of the Garden building.

Bad news for the rest of us, who will now have to jockey past the lines of people waiting to purchase their coffee as we try to make our way from the commuter trains to the street. Not to mention the loss of even more space for standees to congregate during the increasingly frequent MBCR train delays.

I guess this is just further proof that Delaware North saw the T coming a mile away when they offered them their 'deal of a lifetime' for a new waiting area.



It kills me that they added all that space to NS, then are taking most of it back with retail shops. Where are all the seats? As it is now, with the addition of the Dunkin Donuts, it's just about as tight in there at rush hour as it was before the expansion. Put back the seats!!!

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It's my impression that the seating is unchanged, and that the retail stores occupy space that was formerly empty.

Traditionally, major train stations have had many ancillary shops and services. Look at Grand Central, or Penn Station, or even our own South Station (which once had its own movie theatre).

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They also need more space for people, sitting or not. Rush hour gets a C in front of it. People get so crammed up that the automatic doors stay open because you really can't stand aside. You have to guess where your train is going to be and get it right because getting through the mob is very tricky.

Add Celtics/Bruins fans and stir.

They had slippery rails signs up during the fall that warned of "slippery rails causing delays". I had to ask at the new bar if they served a "slippery rail". The bartender laughed and said he'd have to make one up.

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