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Mission Hill

By adamg - 9/8/21 - 8:25 pm
Wanted for attempted armed robbery of Brigham Circle supermarket

Surveillance photos via BPD.

Boston Police report they are hunting a man they say tried to stick up the customer-service desk at the Stop & Shop at 1620 Tremont St. around noon today. Read more.

By adamg - 9/1/21 - 10:18 pm
Dough thief

Surveillance photos via BPD.

Boston Police report they are looking for a bald beardo who broke into Crispy Dough Pizzeria, 1514 Tremont St., early Saturday and then managed to get away with a safe. Read more.

By adamg - 9/1/21 - 9:39 pm

Adam Balsam grabbed the images from the 500 "student move-in" complaints filed with 311 over the past couple of days and used them to create a mosaid of a case of Natty Light: Read more.

By adamg - 8/21/21 - 7:34 pm

Retiring District 6 (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill) City Councilor Matt O'Malley made a trip over to the Jamaica Pond boathouse today to endorse Mary Tamer as his replacement over Kendra Hicks and Winnie Eke. Read more.

By adamg - 8/12/21 - 9:33 am
Look at all those barrels along Huntington Avenue

Yesterday, we posted a photo of the grim, gross scene behind 873 Huntington Ave. where a modern Mt. Trashmore has been building up. Read more.

By adamg - 8/11/21 - 11:32 am
Uncollected trash

Update: A project to repair the E Line tracks might be to blame.

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the uncollected trash behind 873 Huntington Ave. - which will only get really fetid over the next couple of days.

Over a week now, this is unacceptable!

By adamg - 8/10/21 - 2:32 pm

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a proposal by former state Rep. Jeff Sanchez for a cannabis shop at 123 Terrace St. on Mission Hill. Read more.

By adamg - 7/29/21 - 9:40 pm

Boston Police report a man was stabbed outside 736 Huntington Ave. around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Read more.

By adamg - 7/24/21 - 9:45 am

A pair of Mission Hill developers want to replace a three-story building on Tremont Street at St. Alphonsus Street with a seven-story, 139-unit apartment building with a garage with 44 spaces set aside for Mission Church and ground-floor space for a cafe. Read more.

By adamg - 7/12/21 - 9:10 am

Shortly after 8:15 p.m. on Sunday, Stanley Stacos reports.

The Globe reports the victim was the tenth person shot in Boston over the weekend.

By adamg - 7/8/21 - 11:16 am

A developer says it will soon file plans with the BPDA for a two-building complex on Smith Street on Mission Hill on land that was originally part of the campus for the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help - also known as Mission Church, up on Tremont Street. Read more.

By adamg - 6/20/21 - 11:17 pm
New look of Huntington Avenue with new transit and bike ways in one MBTA rendering

Possible next-gen Huntington Avenue, with transit/bike lanes on either side.

MBTA planners tomorrow will discuss potential new designs for the Green Line along between Brigham Circle and Heath Street and along Commonwealth Avenue with the goal to make the two branches more easily accessible to people with mobility issues. Read more.

By adamg - 6/7/21 - 10:00 pm

Victim identified as Fermin Baez, 32, of Dorchester.

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot at Tremont and Burney streets, shortly before 8:45 p.m. He made it over to Smith Street, where some friends rushed him to a nearby emergency room - with a BPD escort. Boston Police report the victim died.

Boston murders in 2021.

By adamg - 5/19/21 - 1:55 pm

Boston Police report arresting a 17-year-old from Mattapan for a shooting last night at 25 Annunciation Rd. that involved him firing a gun at least ten times at the victim, who survived. Read more.

By adamg - 5/18/21 - 9:09 pm

Update: Suspect charged.

Somebody was shot at 25 Annunciation Rd. around 8:50 p.m. About 15 minutes later, police stopped a possible suspect on Columbus Avenue on the other side of Ruggles and recovered a gun.

By bostonpads - 4/19/21 - 3:42 pm

Over the past month, most of Greater Boston’s largest Universities have made announcements that they plan to significantly scale down remote learning for the Fall 2021 semester. The much anticipated news was greeted with a collective sigh of relief from thousands of Boston professors and college students, most of whom have been struggling with remote learning. The announcements also bodes well for the off-campus housing market in Boston and the thousands of businesses that rely on the student population for business.

By adamg - 4/10/21 - 2:47 pm
Bullet holes in barbershop window

Some of the bullet holes and evidence markers. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports police are looking for two guys on a motorcycle who opened fire outside Sully's Barber, 1596 Tremont St., near Brigham Circle, around 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Read more.

By Deb_B - 3/29/21 - 1:20 pm

The newly renovated Reuse Center at Boston Building Resources is now open in Roxbury Crossing. The “green” net-zero carbon building is the first of its kind in Boston’s Mission Hill and serves as a groundbreaking example of how a metal warehouse-style building can be retrofitted to the highest energy efficiency standards. It opened to the public on March 27, and a weeklong reopening celebration is scheduled for April 19–23 to coincide with Earth Day. Read more.

By adamg - 3/28/21 - 1:20 pm
Smashed in entrance to Subway at South Huntington and Huntington avenues

Debbie Carmichael passed by the remains of the carnage at South Huntington and Huntington avenues, where somebody seems to have plowed into the Subway there sometime overnight. WCVB reports the crash was the end of a chase in which some guy allegedly was trying to flee Brookline Police.

By adamg - 3/18/21 - 10:48 pm

Boston Police report arresting a 14-year-old after they say officers spotted him firing a gun around 9 p.m. on Wednesday at 58 Annunciation Rd. before he jumped into a car whose driver then fled onto Parker Street. Read more.

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