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Boston crime

1/18/20 - 3:30 am
Live Boston reports shots started being fired around 3:30 a.m. on the 200 block of Washington Street; residents awoken by the... Read more
1/16/20 - 7:41 pm
Boston Police report arresting Daniel Logan, 50, after he allegedly pulled a gun on a fellow dog owner and fired one shot in... Read more
1/15/20 - 2:00 pm
Mike Saccone at WFXT reports a man was shot this afternoon at 18 Kittredge St., near Washington Street.
1/14/20 - 11:04 pm
Boston Police report arresting two teens, both about 14, after an attack and robbery at Boston and Howell streets in... Read more
1/12/20 - 7:33 am
Boston Police report officers arrested the driver of a car stopped on Columbia Road on Sunday morning after they noticed a gun... Read more
1/11/20 - 8:25 pm
Boston Police report two men were shot shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Washington Street at Normandy Street. One victim was... Read more
1/11/20 - 2:30 am
Around 2:30 a.m. in Eliot Norton Park at Tremont Street and Charles Street South, Stacos and Live Boston report. Live Boston... Read more
1/5/20 - 8:30 pm
Kyle Mullins reports shots were fired into the second floor of a house on Brown Avenue at the corner with Ridge Street around 8... Read more
1/3/20 - 8:30 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say was standing outside Boston Health Care for the Homeless, 780 Albany... Read more
1/3/20 - 7:50 pm
WBZ reports on the double stabbing on Blue Hill Avenue near Evelyn Street just before 8 p.m.
1/3/20 - 6:00 pm
State Police report troopers arrested two men whose car died on I-93 northbound just before the O'Neill Tunnel Friday evening... Read more
Red Line attackers sought
1/1/20 - 5:50 pm
Transit Police report they are looking for a pair who left a T worker with "a serious facial injury" in an attack around 5:50 p... Read more
12/31/19 - 10:50 am
Boston Police report arresting a man and a woman on gun charges in Dorchester yesterday for the "loaded Glock 19 with 17 live... Read more
12/29/19 - 10:45 pm
At 1593 Dorchester Ave., at Melville Avenue, around 10:45 p.m. The homicide unit was called in just in case due to the... Read more
12/29/19 - 1:23 am
Boston Police report a traffic stop at Harold and Hollander streets early Sunday ended with a man under arrest and the seizure... Read more
12/27/19 - 8:03 pm
Boston Police report arresting three of the four teens they say tried to hold up an Uber driver shortly before 8 p.m. on Blue... Read more
12/26/19 - 9:55 pm
Around 9:55 p.m. on Intervale Street between Fernboro Street and Coleus Park.
12/25/19 - 8:13 pm
Boston Police report arresting one of the two men they say robbed the Family Food Shop at 609 Walk Hill St. in Mattapan shortly... Read more
12/25/19 - 1:30 pm
Scott Eisen reports the children, found at the bottom of the Renaissance garage off Columbus Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard,... Read more
12/24/19 - 8:35 pm
In the chest, in the area of Darlington Street shortly after 8:30 p.m.
12/24/19 - 3:25 pm
In the area of Peirson Street around 3:25 p.m. Homicide unit called in due to the severity of his injuries.
12/22/19 - 6:45 pm
Live Boston reports two people were found shot on Washington Street between Lyndhurst Street and Melville Avenue in Dorchester... Read more
12/21/19 - 1:35 pm
Boston Police report that while Paul Whooten, 56, of Hyde Park, made it out of the Rockand Trust branch on Truman Parkway with... Read more
12/20/19 - 11:00 pm
Around 11 p.m. at 250 North Beacon St., behind the CVS at the corner of North Beacon and Market. The homicide unit was called... Read more
12/17/19 - 4:15 pm
Around 4:15 p.m., after crashing into another car, injuries not considered life threatening, Live Boston reports.
12/14/19 - 1:19 am
Boston Police report arresting two men they say stuck up a third man and forced him to make an ATM withdrawal near Faneuil Hall... Read more
12/9/19 - 7:30 pm
State Police report that a car chase involving a suspected fentanyl dealer started on Rte. 9 in Brookline and ended in a... Read more
12/8/19 - 6:26 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on charges he scooped up toys and sneakers awaiting delivery on porches in the... Read more
12/7/19 - 3:00 am
A nearby resident reports being awoken by the sound of gunfire shortly after 3 a.m. Live Boston reports police found at least... Read more
12/7/19 - 1:56 am
Boston Police report arresting men from Hyde Park and Mattapan on gun charges after they tried to speed away from a traffic... Read more
12/6/19 - 2:00 am
WBZ reports multiple shots were fired outside the Medallo Bar, 411 Chelsea St., around 2 a.m. In February, a man was stabbed to... Read more
12/5/19 - 4:00 pm
NBC Boston reports a man was apparently shot around 4 p.m. on Morton Street, roughly in the area of Evans Street, but that... Read more
12/3/19 - 11:57 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say used two weapons to attack another man Tuesday morning at Tremont and Prentiss... Read more
Car wanted for South Boston hit and run
12/2/19 - 7:17 am
State Police report they are looking for a driver who sent a 60-year-old woman to the hospital with serious injuries Monday... Read more
11/27/19 - 8:50 pm
At least five shots fired from the Metcalf Court parking lot around 8:50 p.m. One round entered the Happy Market across the... Read more
11/27/19 - 4:40 pm
Live Boston reports the man was shot in the 1300 block of Blue Hill Avenue, north of Norfolk Street around 4:40 p.m. and that a... Read more
11/26/19 - 8:45 pm
A man was robbed of his wallet and some marijuana on Washington Street in the area of Elven Road and Claxton Street at... Read more
11/26/19 - 8:30 pm
In the arm, shortly before 8:30 p.m. outside 1117 Blue Hill Ave., between Wilcock and Havelock streets.
11/26/19 - 8:00 pm
On Dimock Street near Washington Street, around 8 p.m. Numerous shell casings recovered.
11/26/19 - 5:30 pm
The Herald reports the woman suffered injuries not considered life threatening around 5:30 p.m. when shot near the Wentworth... Read more
11/26/19 - 5:30 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Brighton man on gun charges for the two guns they say he discarded as officers chased him... Read more
11/24/19 - 3:46 am
Boston Police report arresting two men as a party at 26 Langdon St. was breaking up around 3:45 a.m. - one on gun charges, the... Read more
11/23/19 - 2:30 am
Victim identified as Fouad Baghdad-Zouggagh, 25, of West Roxbury. Boston Police report a man was fatally shot around 2 a.m.... Read more
11/21/19 - 9:20 pm
Around 9:15 p.m. at 735 Dudley St. between Monadnock and Virginia streets. Dudley Street between Humphreys and Belden streets... Read more
Wanted for North Station attack
11/20/19 - 10:33 pm
Update: Arrest made. Transit Police report they are looking for a man they say used a "blunt object" to attack a woman in the... Read more
11/20/19 - 9:10 pm
Victim shot several times, found on Holborn Street at Glenburne Street, off Warren Street, around 9:10 p.m. Two houses and a... Read more
11/20/19 - 6:33 pm
Boston Police report two masked men the T-Mobile store, 1180 Washington St. at gunpoint Wednesday evening. Police say the two... Read more
11/16/19 - 5:15 am
Transit Police report arresting a Woburn man they say indecently attacked a woman as they rode an elevator down to the Orange... Read more
Seized guns an ammunition
11/14/19 - 3:10 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Vermont man with a violent criminal record that dates to the 1980s and an alleged accomplice... Read more
11/11/19 - 10:29 pm
Boston Police report officers looking for a man who's been indicted for home invasion and assault and battery with a dangerous... Read more
11/10/19 - 12:13 am
Boston Police report arresting a Hingham man at gun charges at the Gulf station at Western Avenue and North Harvard Street in... Read more
11/7/19 - 9:35 am
Boston Police report arresting an Austin Street resident during a raid on his apartment this morning. Police say officers armed... Read more
11/7/19 - 9:00 am
Transit Police report arresting a Somerville man on charges he indecently attacked a woman - twice - at the fare gates to State... Read more
11/7/19 - 9:00 am
Boston Police report an investigation into drug sales on Mission Hill led to raids on Thatcher Street in Hyde Park, Southampton... Read more
11/4/19 - 9:00 pm
Around 9 p.m. on the Boston Prep side of Wood Avenue, across from the Price Rite parking lot. The homicide unit was called in... Read more
11/4/19 - 7:45 pm
NBC Boston reports on an incident on Massachusetts Avenue at Huntington Avenue about 7:45 p.m. yesterday. The driver fled on... Read more
11/2/19 - 3:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a Charlestown man on assault and gun charges and his Randolph companion on an accessory charge... Read more
11/1/19 - 10:35 pm
Victim identified as Aderito Barbosa, 35, of Dorchester. Somebody was fatally shot around 10:35 p.m. at 35 Paine St. in... Read more
11/1/19 - 12:45 pm
Suspects in a Roslindale armed robbery this afternoon sped away and onto Rte. 128 before seeming to double back towards Boston... Read more
10/31/19 - 11:55 pm
NBC Boston reports that police found one man shot and another with a possible stab wound outside 5 Cedar St., off Washington... Read more
10/31/19 - 9:30 pm
Several shots were reported behind Ames Street in the Franklin Field development around 9:30. Not long after, police found... Read more
10/31/19 - 3:00 pm
Update: Arrest made. Transit Police report gunfire at the Ruggles T stop around 3 p.m. But despite a report from Northeastern... Read more
10/31/19 - 2:00 pm
Victim identified as Pasqual Casiano, 41, of Jamaica Plain. Boston Police report two men were shot at 581 American Legion... Read more
10/31/19 - 12:00 am
At 184 Garfield Ave. overnight, Mark Parkinson reports.
10/29/19 - 6:35 pm
Boston Police report arresting a local man on gun charges at Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street shortly after 6:30 p.m. on... Read more
10/26/19 - 10:55 pm
Boston Police report they are looking for a guy who has now attacked two people and robbed them on South Huntington Avenue. In... Read more
10/26/19 - 3:47 am
Boston Police report two men and a woman were shot around 3:45 a.m. at 81 Westminster Ave., off Walnut Avenue, around 3:45 a.m... Read more
10/22/19 - 1:00 am
A man ordered away from Murphy's Law, 837 Summer St., after he punched a woman in the face because he couldn't quite hit the... Read more
10/21/19 - 5:17 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on gun charges after an incident on Hildreth Street that ended with a SWAT team... Read more
10/20/19 - 10:30 pm
Police found a man with three gunshot wounds at River and Tesla streets in Mattapan around 10:35 p.m., - along with a car with... Read more
10/20/19 - 8:50 pm
Updated with BPD information. Police responded to 27 Business Terrace, off Business Street and across the Northeast Corridor... Read more
10/19/19 - 10:10 pm
Around 10:10 p.m. on Mercer Street in the Old Colony development.
10/18/19 - 10:05 pm
A car crashed into several other cars on Shawmut Avenue near past Lenox Street shortly after 10 p.m. Several people suffered... Read more
10/18/19 - 1:50 am
WBZ reports two people were stabbed at the W Hotel's Tunnel club shortly before 2 a.m. Injuries not considered life threatening.
10/18/19 - 1:15 am
WBZ reports the CVS at 703 Gallivan Blvd., near Hallet Street, in Dorchester was robbed at gunpoint around 1:15 a.m.
Stolen gun
10/16/19 - 10:11 am
Boston Police report arresting two Roslindale men, one on gun charges and one on motor-vehicle charges, in the Archdale... Read more
10/16/19 - 1:05 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say was captured on surveillance video shoot a gun into the air several times on... Read more
10/15/19 - 8:26 pm
Live Boston reports repeated gunfire - possibly as many as 19 shots fired in the area of Codman Park and Townsend Street... Read more
10/14/19 - 9:39 pm
Around 9:40 p.m. on Monday at 140 School St., across from Arcadia Street, Capt. John Greland reports.
10/14/19 - 8:50 pm
Drew Karedes reports the victim suffered life-threatening injuries shortly before 9 p.m. WHDH reports the man was found between... Read more
10/14/19 - 7:59 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say was making points in an argument last night while holding a loaded... Read more
10/9/19 - 5:00 pm
Transit Police report arresting a Hyde Park man and say they are looking for other men for an attack and robbery at Ashmont... Read more
10/8/19 - 5:25 pm
Boston Police report officers looking for a guy wanted for a Sunday armed robbery on Humboldt Avenue and Waumbeck Street found... Read more
10/4/19 - 7:43 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man they charge was packing an illegal, loaded gun on Boylston Street in Jamaica... Read more
Massachusetts Avenue suspsects
10/4/19 - 7:30 pm
Transit Police report they are looking for four men for an attack at the Massachusetts Avenue Orange Line station around 7:30 p... Read more
10/3/19 - 4:05 pm
Boston Police report arresting two teens, one 15, the other 16, they say were unsuccessful in repeated attempts to stab each... Read more
9/29/19 - 1:50 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on gun charges after, they say, officers found him horizontal on Floyd Street... Read more
Area blocked off
9/28/19 - 10:15 pm
A man shot at police around 10:10 p.m. from the Wyman Bed and Breakfast, 21 Wyman St.. Around 10:30 p.m., after police officers... Read more
9/28/19 - 1:50 am
Update: His family reports he died around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The Globe reports Daniel Hollis got into a fight with some... Read more
9/28/19 - 1:22 am
Live Boston reports a person was stabbed around 1:20 a.m. at 248 Amory St., near Porter Street.
Seized gun
9/27/19 - 6:45 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 14-year-old from Dorchester on gun charges yesterday after, they say, officers found him at... Read more
9/27/19 - 11:24 am
Boston Police report arresting an East Boston man on charges he stabbed a clerk in the market at the Shell station on Meridian... Read more
9/24/19 - 6:29 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park man and a Dorchester woman on a variety of charges after, they say, the man used a... Read more
9/24/19 - 1:20 am
Stanley Staco reports somebody was stabbed around 1:20 a.m. near the O'Bryant on Malcolm X Boulevard.
9/22/19 - 8:11 am
Boston Police report a firefighter leaving the Boylston Street fire station Sunday morning narrowly avoided having his head... Read more
9/21/19 - 3:33 am
Boston Police report arresting a Quincy man on charges he tried shooting a group of seven people on Edinboro Street in... Read more
9/21/19 - 12:00 am
A guy who tried to get into M.J. O'Connor's, 27 Columbus Ave., with a lit blunt one night last fall responded to a doorman's... Read more
9/19/19 - 11:00 pm
Multiple shots fired on Maple Street between Sonoma and Schuyler streets around 11 p.m. At least two cars hit. The location is... Read more
9/19/19 - 1:52 am
Boston Police report arresting an East Boston man after, they say, officers caught him trying to break into Wild Orchid, 40B... Read more
9/18/19 - 9:12 pm
Victim identified as Timothy Walton, 32, of Roxbury. Boston Police report a man was stabbed around 9:10 p.m. at Massachusetts... Read more
Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Type Street Neighborhood
1/18/20 - 3:30 am Gun battle erupts on Dorchester street; no reports of injuries Gunfire 250 Washington St. Dorchester
1/16/20 - 7:41 pm Police: Brighton dog owner shot in direction of another dog owner who declined his offer to have their pets fight Assault with a dangerous weapon McKinney Park Brighton
1/15/20 - 2:00 pm Man shot in the leg in Roslindale Shooting 18 Kittredge St. Roslindale
1/14/20 - 11:04 pm Two young teens charged with smashing guy in head with replica gun in robbery near South Bay Armed robbery Boston St. and Howell St. Dorchester
1/12/20 - 7:33 am Police say man was driving around Dorchester with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession 195 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
1/11/20 - 8:25 pm Two men shot on Washington Street in Grove Hall; one dead Murder Washington St and Normandy St. Dorchester
1/11/20 - 2:30 am Woman stabbed in the chest in Chinatown Stabbing Charles St. S. and Tremont St. Chinatown
1/5/20 - 8:30 pm Shots fired into Roslindale house Gunfire 172 Brown Ave. Roslindale
1/3/20 - 8:30 pm Dorchester man charged as drug dealer outside Methadone Mile drug-treatment program Illegal drug possession 780 Albany St. South End
1/3/20 - 7:50 pm Fight ends with two stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Stabbing 1286 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
1/3/20 - 6:00 pm State Police say trooper quickly grew suspicious when two men in a disabled car on I-93 at rush hour tried to get him to leave them alone Illegal gun possession I-93 Downtown
1/1/20 - 5:50 pm Police hunt two for attack on MBTA worker at Fields Corner Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 50 Freeman St. Dorchester
12/31/19 - 10:50 am Police say couple had enough room left in their diaper bag for a gun loaded with 17 rounds Illegal gun possession 729 Dudley St. Dorchester
12/29/19 - 10:45 pm Man stabbed in the stomach in Fields Corner Stabbing 1593 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
12/29/19 - 1:23 am Police: Man with loaded gun was being driven around Roxbury Illegal gun possession Harold St. and Hollander St. Roxbury
12/27/19 - 8:03 pm Four Uber passengers tried to rob driver, but then he spotted a cruiser, police say Attemped unarmed robbery 1150 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
12/26/19 - 9:55 pm Man shot in the stomach on Intervale Street in Dorchester Shooting 108 Intervale St. Dorchester
12/25/19 - 8:13 pm Man charged with Christmas armed robbery of Mattapan market Armed robbery 609 Walk Hill St. Mattapan
12/25/19 - 1:30 pm Two children fall or are thrown off garage near Ruggles; woman also found on ground Murder 835 Columbus Ave. Roxbury
12/24/19 - 8:35 pm Man stabbed on Southern Avenue in Dorchester Stabbing Southern Ave. and Darlington St. Dorchester
12/24/19 - 3:25 pm Man found stabbed on Massachusetts Avenue in Newmarket Square Stabbing Massachusetts Ave. and Peirson St. Roxbury
12/22/19 - 6:45 pm Two shot on Washington Street in Codman Square Shooting 544 Washington St. Dorchester
12/21/19 - 1:35 pm Man with history of using fake guns in robberies charged with using fake gun to hold up Hyde Park bank Bank robbery 1065 Truman Parkway Hyde Park
12/20/19 - 11:00 pm Man shot in basement on North Beacon Street in Brighton Shooting 250 N. Beacon St. Brighton
12/17/19 - 4:15 pm Man in car found shot at Callender and Ashton streets in Dorchester Shooting Callender St. and Ashton St. Dorchester
12/14/19 - 1:19 am Police say they broke up an armed robbery near Faneuil Hall Armed robbery Merchants Row and Chatham Row Downtown
12/9/19 - 7:30 pm State Police: Fentanyl dealer arrested after struggle in Longwood Avenue garage Assault and battery Longwood Ave. and Riverway Roxbury
12/8/19 - 6:26 pm Police: Grinch was packing a BB gun when he rifled through packages on people's porches in Roslindale Receiving stolen property Cliftondale St. and Rosecliff Terr. Roslindale
12/7/19 - 3:00 am Shots fired on Beach Street in Chinatown Gunfire 61 Beach St. Chinatown
12/7/19 - 1:56 am Police: Guys with loaded guns crash car in Brigham Circle; arrested after brief foot chase Illegal gun possession Huntington Ave. and Calumet St. Mission Hill
12/6/19 - 2:00 am Shots fired outside East Boston bar at closing time Gunfire 411 Chelsea St. East Boston
12/5/19 - 4:00 pm Man shot on Morton Street in Mattapan, found on Norfolk Street in Dorchester Shooting 900 Morton St. Mattapan
12/3/19 - 11:57 am Man charged with using snow shovel and box cutter on another man's face in Roxbury Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Tremont St. and Prentiss St. Roxbury
12/2/19 - 7:17 am State Police hunt driver they say slammed into a pedestrian on Day Boulevard in South Boston, then kept going Hit and run Day Blvd. and K Street South Boston
11/27/19 - 8:50 pm Shots fired across South Street in Jamaica Plain Gunfire South St. and Metcalf Ct. Jamaica Plain
11/27/19 - 4:40 pm Man shot on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Shooting 1350 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
11/26/19 - 8:45 pm Man robbed at knifepoint on Washington Street in Roslindale Armed robbery Claxton St. and Washington St. Roslindale
11/26/19 - 8:30 pm Woman stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue near Woodrow Avenue Stabbing 1117 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
11/26/19 - 8:00 pm Shots fired on Dimock Street in Roxbury Gunfire 9 Dimock St. Roxbury
11/26/19 - 5:30 pm Woman shot, at Parker and Ward streets in Roxbury Shooting Parker St. and Ward St. Roxbury
11/26/19 - 5:30 pm Police: Man with two guns arrested after yesterday's shooting near Alice Taylor development Illegal gun possession 529 Parker St. Roxbury
11/24/19 - 3:46 am Police: Two arrested, loaded gun seized as house party was breaking up on Langdon Street in Roxbury Illegal gun possession 26 Langdon St. Roxbury
11/23/19 - 2:30 am Man shot to death in robbery attempt at closing time on Canal Street; two arrested Murder 101 Canal St. West End
11/21/19 - 9:20 pm Man stabbed on Dudley Street in Uphams Corner Stabbing 735 Dudley St. Dorchester
11/20/19 - 10:33 pm Police look for man they say violently attacked woman in North Station Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 130 Causeway St. West End
11/20/19 - 9:10 pm Man shot on Holborn Street in Roxbury Shooting Holborn St. and Glenburne St. Roxbury
11/20/19 - 6:33 pm South End phone store robbed at gunpoint; one suspect arrested, one sought Armed robbery 1180 Washington St. South End
11/16/19 - 5:15 am Man charged with attacking woman on an elevator at Haymarket T stop Indecent assault and battery Congress St. and New Sudbury St. Downtown
11/14/19 - 3:10 pm Police say they foiled plot to smuggle in guns from Vermont with arrests in parking lot of South Boston skating rink Illegal gun possession 1800 Day Blvd. South Boston
11/11/19 - 10:29 pm Man wanted for an armed home invasion arrested in a Roxbury basement, faces new gun charges, police say Illegal gun possession 26 Schuyler St. Roxbury
11/10/19 - 12:13 am Police: Man failed to get gas at Allston station because it was closed, instead got arrested on gun charges Illegal gun possession 194 Western Ave. Allston
11/7/19 - 9:35 am Hyde Park man arrested on drug and gun charges Illegal gun possession Austin St. Hyde Park
11/7/19 - 9:00 am Man charged with 9 a.m. sexual attack at State Street fare gates Indecent assault and battery State St. and Devonshire St. Downtown
11/7/19 - 9:00 am Mobile fentanyl lab, more than 12 pounds of fentanyl and four guns seized in raids in Hyde Park, Dorchester and Brockton, police say Illegal drug possession 290 Southampton St. Dorchester
11/4/19 - 9:00 pm Person shot on River Street in Hyde Park, near Mattapan line Shooting 885 River St. Hyde Park
11/4/19 - 7:45 pm Man injured after jumping on hood of his car on Mass. Ave. when guy tried stealing it Carjacking 333 Massachusetts Ave. Fenway
11/2/19 - 3:00 am Charlestown man whipped out gun during argument at late-night Chinatown eatery, then dining companion tried to hide it from officers, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon 15 Edinboro St. Chinatown
11/1/19 - 10:35 pm Man shot to death in Roslindale, a couple blocks from where another man was murdered on Thursday Murder 35 Paine St. Roslindale
11/1/19 - 12:45 pm Roslindale armed robbery becomes Dedham manhunt; suspects remain at large, if no longer in area Armed robbery 350 Cummins Highway Roslindale
10/31/19 - 11:55 pm One shot, one possibly stabbed on Cedar Street in Roxbury Shooting 5 Cedar St. Roxbury
10/31/19 - 9:30 pm Man shot in Franklin Field Shooting 77 Ames St. Dorchester
10/31/19 - 3:00 pm Gunfire at Ruggles T stop; nobody hit Gunfire 1150 Tremont St. Roxbury
10/31/19 - 2:00 pm One dead in double shooting on American Legion Highway in Roslindale Murder 581 American Legion Hwy Roslindale
10/31/19 - 12:00 am Man shot in the leg in Hyde Park Shooting 184 Garfield Ave. Hyde Park
10/29/19 - 6:35 pm Man was hanging out with a loaded gun in his backpack outside Boston Medical Center, police say Illegal gun possession Massachusetts Avenue and Albany St. South End
10/26/19 - 10:55 pm Police: Guy smacking men in the head and ripping their rear pockets to take their wallets on South Huntington Avenue Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 101 S. Huntington Ave. Jamaica Plain
10/26/19 - 3:47 am Three shot, one dead, on Westminster Avenue in Roxbury Murder 81 Westminster Ave. Roxbury
10/22/19 - 1:00 am As patrons huddled inside, angry man attacked South Boston bar with a hockey stick Assault and battery 837 Summer St. South Boston
10/21/19 - 5:17 pm Police say man barricaded himself in Dorchester three decker after landlord sent somebody to replace locks in the building Illegal gun possession Hildreth St. Dorchester
10/20/19 - 10:30 pm Man shot in Hyde Park ballfield, but found near Mattapan Square Shooting Reddy Avenue Hyde Park
10/20/19 - 8:50 pm Armed home invasion in Hyde Park: Resident tied up, two men arrested, three guns seized, more suspects sought Armed home invasion 27 Business Terr. Hyde Park
10/19/19 - 10:10 pm Man shot on Mercer Street in South Boston Shooting Mercer St. South Boston
10/18/19 - 10:05 pm Shawmut Avenue shut by multi-car, multiple-injury crash
10/18/19 - 1:50 am Two stabbed at Theater District club Stabbing 100 Stuart St. Chinatown
10/18/19 - 1:15 am Gallivan Boulevard CVS robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 703 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester
10/16/19 - 10:11 am Police arrest Roslindale man for loaded gun they say was stolen in California in 1997 Illegal gun possession 90 Archdale Rd. Roslindale
10/16/19 - 1:05 am Man charged with firing shots into the air in Uphams Corner Gunfire 12 Arion St. Dorchester
10/15/19 - 8:26 pm Lots of shots fired on Codman Park at Townsend Street in Roxbury Gunfire Codman Park and Townsend St. Roxbury
10/14/19 - 9:39 pm Man shot in the leg on School Street in Jamaica Plain Shooting 140 School St. Jamaica Plain
10/14/19 - 8:50 pm Man stabbed on Causeway Street near the Garden Stabbing 75 Causeway St. West End
10/14/19 - 7:59 pm Police: Dorchester man gets into argument while holding a rifle loaded with 23 rounds Illegal gun possession 381 Centre St. Dorchester
10/9/19 - 5:00 pm Pack of men stomp, rob disabled man at Ashmont T station, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Ashmont MBTA Station Dorchester
10/8/19 - 5:25 pm For second time in two weeks, somebody was hanging out at Roxbury school playground with a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Humboldt Ave. and Waumbeck St. Roxbury
10/4/19 - 7:43 pm Police arrest man they say was walking down a JP street with a loaded gun; one witness questions the takedown Illegal gun possession 150 Boylston St. Jamaica Plain
10/4/19 - 7:30 pm Skater boys beat handicapped man with his own cane at Mass. Ave. T stop, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 393 Massachusetts Ave. Roxbury
10/3/19 - 4:05 pm Police break up teen knife fight outside Hyde Park McDonald's Assault with a dangerous weapon 1312 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
9/29/19 - 1:50 am Man lying in the middle of a Dorchester street arrested, not for obstructing traffic, but for the loaded gun police say was sticking out of his pocket Illegal gun possession 22 Floyd St. Dorchester
9/28/19 - 10:15 pm Man fires gun at police from Jamaica Plain bed and breakfast; guests trapped in rooms, man found dead Gunfire 21 Wyman St. Jamaica Plain
9/28/19 - 1:50 am Emerson student hits head on bricks, cement in Allston fight; family says he'll never regain consciousness Murder 15 Park Vale Ave. Allston
9/28/19 - 1:22 am Person stabbed on Amory Street in Jamaica Plain Stabbing 248 Amory St. Jamaica Plain
9/27/19 - 6:45 pm Police: 14-year-old was hanging out in Roxbury playground with a loaded handgun Illegal gun possession Humboldt Ave. and Waumbeck St. Roxbury
9/27/19 - 11:24 am Man charged with slicing clerk in market within sight of the East Boston police station Stabbing 52 Meridian St. East Boston
9/24/19 - 6:29 pm Two face gun charge after police discount story that their gun was a prop for a movie they were filming on a T bus in Mattapan Assault with a dangerous weapon 500 River St. Mattapan
9/24/19 - 1:20 am Person stabbed outside the O'Bryant School overnight Stabbing 55 Malcolm X Blvd. Roxbury
9/22/19 - 8:11 am Man swings crowbar at Boston firefighter who caught him trying to break into his car outside Back Bay firehouse, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon 841 Boylston St. Back Bay
9/21/19 - 3:33 am Man opens fire on seven people in Chinatown, but fortunately for them, they had a car to duck behind, police say Gunfire 19 Edinboro St. Chinatown
9/21/19 - 12:00 am Blunt discussion leads to melee outside Park Plaza bar Assault and battery 27 Columbus Ave. Bay Village
9/19/19 - 11:00 pm Shots fired on Maple Street in Roxbury Gunfire Maple St. and Maple Ct. Roxbury
9/19/19 - 1:52 am Man charged with breaking into downtown sex and smokes shop; arrested trying to hide behind a tree on the Common Attempted breaking and entering 40B Bromfield St. Downtown
9/18/19 - 9:12 pm Man stabbed to death on street near Boston Medical Center emergency room Murder 780 Albany St. South End