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Woman stabbed at BU

The Daily Free Press reports a woman was stabbed at the College of Fine Arts, 855 Commonwealth Ave. Thursday night. Injuries not considered life threatening.


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FWIW-the alert that was sent to the BU Community stated that the police believe that the alleged attacker and victim know each other, so not an incident of random violence.

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Oh okay. The victim knew the attacker so let's minimize the violence. Person A knew Person B so WHATEVER, no biggy! Just a flesh wound. Depraved way to view unacceptable behavior. Furthermore, just because the attacker and victim know each other DOES NOT MEAN the attacker couldn't also attack people the attacker does not know. Figure it out.

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I think when people say that (that the victim knew the attacker) is to let others know that Commonwealth Ave. isn't a dangerous place to be at night because some random person with a knife is committing violent acts upon strangers.

the severity of the crime isn't the issue here. Both are horrible.

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BU Reddit but sure are lots of comments about them all being surrounded in class by folks suspected of having COVID

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Did the victim get stabbed because they gave the attacker Covid?

Otherwise I'm at a loss as to what relevance your comment has here.

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Per BU alert.

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