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Police say 13-year-old was driving down Columbia Road with a loaded gun

Boston Police report officers who pulled over a car on Columbia Road near Geneva Avenue in Dorchester late last night pulled out a 13-year-old from behind the wheel - and that they then had to pick up the loaded gun that fell from "his leg area" as he was being pat frisked.

Police say officers on patrol decided to query the plates on a car that was traveling very sloooowly down Columbia Road towards Blue Hill Avenue around 11:30 p.m. and discovered the plates were not the ones registered to that type of car. They activated their blue lights, but the driver ignored them, so they engaged in a slow-speed chase - the driver did not stop, but also did not speed up - until they were able to make him pull over, police say.

Officers removed the juvenile male and, as they conducted a pat frisk of his person, observed a firearm fall from his leg area to the ground.

The firearm was determined to be a .380 Ruger loaded with one round in the chamber and five rounds in the magazine.

The kid was charged as delinquent for unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, driving without a license, attaching registration plates, driving an unregistered car and refusing to stop for a police officer, police say.

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There's a man kid with a gun over there.

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Since juveniles can’t be punished in any meaningful way they should suspend his license until he is 25 and maybe that will at least keep him away from one type of deadly weapon.

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Did you really think this kid was ever going to get a license?

Either way he is actually old enough to be charged with this crime.

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Juveniles serve more time for firearms than adults due to the DYS commitment rules.

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Sure, I could drive a tractor in a corn field but it wasn't Columbia Road and the only thing falling from my leg was a can of Skoal or Marlboro Reds...

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Why do country people always just insert their country upbringing into things?

Never heard anyone but New Yorkers do this as much. What’s the point?

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Is that whether in the city or the country, 13 yo's should be doing 13 yo activities, not packing heat and looking for trouble...

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and have to deal with our own realities. Your experience doesn't mean this 13 year old has sinned. He's dealing with the realities that life has dealt him. As did you chewing on skoal and smoking reds.

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13 driving around with an illegal gun at 1130pm? How the hell did the parents not know any of this was happening?

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Oh look Universal Hub is a mommy blog now.

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Aren’t you? You should be ashamed of yourself

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