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Car riddled with bullets in gunfire in Roslindale; state troopers working US Open detail on West Roxbury Parkway stop driver

Shortly after 5 p.m, gunfire erupted on Belgrade Avenue near Aldrich Street in Roslindale. At least one house hit by a bullet - and the driver of a car with its front windshield blasted with bullet holes fled the scene towards West Roxbury Parkway.

Telemundo reports (in Spanish) that two neighbors got into an argument that turned into a gun battle.

The State Police Association of Massachusetts reports two troopers working a US Open traffic detail on West Roxbury Parkway along Brookline's other golf course, the Robert Lynch municipal course, which is next to the Country Club, noticed "a blue sedan matching the earlier BOLO with multiple bullet holes in the windshield:"

Having little time to plan, Trooper [Mike} Martin and Lieutenant [Mike] Guerriero worked together to quickly formulate a plan to stop the suspect's vehicle. They immediately placed themselves in harm's way and conducted a felony stop while positioning themselves between the suspect's vehicle and civilians in the area. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident and a firearm was subsequently located.

Brookline Police Chief Ashley Gonzalez praised the two troopers:

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Where is BPD??

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They were busy on Belgrade Avenue (my Spanish is way rusty, but I think the reporter said one person was injured). They put out an APB on the regional police radio system and the two troopers in Brookline, where BPD doesn't have jurisdiction, heard it and stopped the car.

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