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Three arrested, two cops injured in early morning Chinatown gun incident

Suspect car

Suspect car. Photo by Boston Live.

Live Boston reports officers responding to a report of three men with a gun in an SUV on Tyler Street around 2 a.m. opened fire on the SUV when its driver tried to speed away, hitting one officer and two parked cars. WCVB reports none of the men in the car was injured and that police recovered a gun. The officer who was hit and a second officer were taken to the hospital.

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Thanks goodness these clowns were there to escalate this situation, otherwise nobody could’ve gotten hurt!

Best passage from the studly Live Bootlickers article with the studly photos of the study cops is this one: “At this time it is unclear on the full extent of the shootout, however, sources close to the incident tell us that at most only two officers discharged their weapons and thankfully no one was injured.”

The full extent of the shootout is actually quite clear — the cops started shooting at a car, as sources close to the incident confirm later in the same run-on sentence.

And seriously, the only people injured were the cops. Hopefully they’re on medical leave for the rest of their careers, because as loathsome as it is to pay them, better that they’re off the streets and not carrying guns.

Isn’t there some redneck comedian who says “can’t reform stupid” or some such?

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Did your reading comprehension fail at the part where a firearm was found

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The cops attempted to stop the vehicle, whose driver apparently tried to flee and hit an officer in the process with the vehicle. If you think the driver is trying to use the vehicle as a deadly weapon, then it's probably justified to use deadly force to keep them from being successful.

Or is your preference that the police instead not enforce the Commonwealth's gun control laws -- in which case, why bother to have them at all?

If you argue that the occupants of the vehicle were justified in being scared of the police, believe me that they're not putting themselves in less danger by trying to flee and hitting cars and cops in the process.

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I believe the police are not supposed to shoot at a moving vehicle, especially not in an urban environment. They may not know who is inside the vehicle (for example a child) and there is a high likelihood of someone else nearby or inside an adjacent building could be hit.

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My preference is that the cops not start shooting at moving vehicles on a crowded street. That they do what’s best for themselves and everyone else and get out of the way if vehicles are being used as deadly weapons. That they not take a bad situation and make it worse.

Your “enforcing the commonwealth’s gun laws” is a giant straw man: it wasn’t proven that the occupants had a gun, that they had it illegally — or even if they did, that they posed any sort of threat worth escalating this situation and shooting at the vehicle.

Criminals are dumb. Cops can and should do better, and making excuses for them when they needlessly escalate situations is good for nobody.

On the other hand, fear not — you’ll win out here — these cops will be treated as heroes, lauded for their bravery in the face of a nonviolent situation.

(BTW the Live Bootlickers and WCVB stories disagree, WCVB is updated with suspect names but says minor injuries to the cops and nothing about being hit with the vehicle.)

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The Commonwealth alleges one of the police officers was struck by the vehicle.

2 a.m. Sunday night/Monday morning is not exactly a time one would associate with "a crowded street" in Chinatown.

The incident was spurred by "a report of a person with a gun inside a sport utility vehicle," according to the linked WCVB story. If they're not enforcing the gun laws of the Commonwealth, why exactly would police even respond? And, in fact, a gun was found in the vehicle. Was it illegal? No clue, that's going to be for the courts to adjudicate. But if you're in possession of a legal gun in this state, presumably you know it's going to turn out better for you if you calmly inform the police that you do have a gun and that you have it stored properly in your vehicle, according to the requirements of the law.

I'd prefer the cops not shoot at moving vehicles, too. But I'd also prefer that criminals not use vehicles as deadly weapons by ramming them into people. And I'm willing to cut the cops a reasonable amount of slack if they think someone is intentionally trying to hit them with an SUV!

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Lived a very safe and sheltered life and have never needed the police. Lucky you.

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Tough place to make a quick getaway...

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How tall is that SUV?
...or - how short is that cop?

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