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Shootout near Shattuck Hospital: Police say man opened fire on them; they return fire and hit him

Suspect's car

Suspect's car after crash. Photo by Live Boston.

Update: The Suffolk County DA's office reports Jeff Anilus, 31, of Randolph will be arraigned "when deemed medically appropriate."

Live Boston reports a man who shot at police twice in the area around Shattuck Hospital was himself shot and critically injured after the second round early this morning.

Live Boston says the incident began around 12:30 a.m. on Blue Hill Avenue near Columbia Road when the man sped away from a traffic stop. Police did not pursue, but then responded not long after to a report of a car crash at Shattuck Hospital off Morton Street, where the man got out of his crashed car, started to run, then shot at officers, before escaping into the Franklin Park woods that surround the hospital.

Police, including SWAT officers and state troopers, set up a perimeter, eventually finding the man in the woods near the hospital smokestack. Live Boston reports he opened fire again and several officers fired back, hitting him. He was taken to a local hospital with injuries considered life threatening.

Innocent, etc.


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No city ordinances were violated in this episode.

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I hope they get the trauma care they need after what must have been a harrowing ordeal.

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The police literally allowed the guy to get away and he couldn’t even do that. He then ends up shooting at them after he crashes. The emboldening of criminals continues to trend in the wrong direction. Thank you Live Boston for the local reporting.

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Hancock St and Jeff Anilus all in one day yet you resisted the urge to write pun headlines.

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