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Police hunt man who broke into woman's Brighton apartment, then stood over her as she slept; may also be creeper spotted elsewhere in area recently

Boston Police report they are looking for a man they say climbed through a window of an apartment on Bellvista Road at Allston Street around 3:50 a.m. on Tuesday.

When officers arrived on scene, they were met by an adult female victim who stated she awoke to find an unknown male standing in her bedroom. The victim described the suspect as a white male, with a slim build, standing about 5'6”, wearing dark fleece sweater and dark colored jeans. The victim stated that when she verbally confronted the suspect he immediately fled on foot. Responding officers searched the area for a possible suspect to no avail. The victim later stated that she had observed a suspicious male standing on her fire escape attempting to peer through her window at the same address about a month ago.

Police add they are investigating nighttime incidents on Monday at 1412 Commonwealth Ave. and Tuesday at 6 Camelot Ct. in Brighton "where an unknown male suspect was observed lurking on the fire escapes of buildings." The Tuesday incident was about 3 1/2 hours before the Bellvista Road one.

Anybody with information can contact detectives at 617-343-4256.

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That is beyond creepy.
I hope the find him.

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Best protection from experience. They bark. People leave. Quickly.

Also Ring cameras are cheap and efficient.

And a solid police detail can help.

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Get an alarm system if you want an alarm system.

If you want a dog and will love it and take good care of it, get a dog.

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