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Police say officers shoot beanbags to subdue man threatening people with a knife at Mass. Ave. and Huntington

WBZ reports on the incident this afternoon.


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Good job BPD. Not good job to mental healthcare system. What do people who do things like this need that would not make their brains do things like this or worse?

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I guess one shot wasn't on duty for this shift. One shot took out that guy in Downtown Crossing at night. Or maybe Polito was on some drug high overriding his nervous system?

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I thought BPD stopped using beanbags after Victoria Snelgrove?

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That wasn't a bean bag round, it was a OC (pepper spray) projectile fired by an FN 303. The department destroyed all of those weapons, however they did not discontinue the use of other less-lethal weapons.

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The policy on the use of these weapons has changed (you could use a bean bag gun at a protest)

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...that projectile was fired by someone who had no training in the weapon's use, supposedly. I question the effectiveness of any training in so-called "non-lethal" weapons, but in this case they didn't even have that.

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