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Audubon Circle Domino's held up at gunpoint

Boston University Police report that the Domino's at 508 Park Dr. was held up around 2:25 p.m. by a man with a gun:

The suspect fled the South Campus area towards Brookline. The suspect is described as a male, dark skin with facial hair, late 40’s or early 50’s, 508-510 in height, wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, and wearing a fanny pack.

No word how much dough he made off with.

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Does BU carry this crime stat as a robbery on their property or does BPD carry this as a crime stat? The reason why I am asking is to figure out the real reason crime is down in Boston is because all the campus police record their own stats along with the Transit and MSP who carry their own stats.

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BU police will always assist but unless it’s specifically on their campus (not just property owned by them) then Boston or Brookline/Newton will take the report and the crime stat. Now if a victim of a sex crime or domestic assault comes in to the BU police to report it they would take the case but Suffolk County offers the same services as well if it gets that far.

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When I was at BU they always claimed that BU pd was technically a branch of Boston police and that they could arrest people off campus.

Not sure if that was true, but they talked a big game

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but they can arrest people off campus but they are not a branch of the Boston Police.

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I live about a block away as the pigeon flies (or cutting through the passageways in the BU buildings across the alley). I knew BU owned everything else on that block, which is used as student housing (they also used to have a maintenance location that would run buzzsaws and the like in the alley at 7 a.m.), but didn't know they also owned the commercial strip (also home to, inter alia, Meimei and the new location of the former Kenmore Square post office).

Was jonesing for some pizza late at night a couple months back and was pleasantly surprised that Domino's was open so late. Until I got home with the pizza, which was even worse than I had feared. I'd rather go with Abbondanza from Mama Celeste (originally from my home town of Chicago).

No good pizza around here any more. I used to go to College Pizza on Queensberry Street but stopped when it seemed like the pizza was never fully cooked. Bar 'cino has something they call pizza but, while not necessarily bad, isn't anything I would call pizza.


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