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Man stabbed on Causeway Street in front of Garden; suspect charged

Boston Police report a man was stabbed on Causeway Street at Canal Street around 5:40 p.m. on Saturday.

Police found the victim lying on the ground; an officer applied pressure to stop the bleeding. Police say the injury was not considered life threatening. Not long after:

The suspect, later identified as Michael Lorenzana, 44, of Roxbury, was observed running down Haverhill Street toward Valenti Way.

Police say they were able to catch up with Lorenzana and arrest him on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the box cutter they say officers found in a trash can at Canal Street and Valenti Way.

Innocent, etc.


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I work in that area and the multitudes of opiate addicts that congregate in front of the Dunkin Donuts at Causeway and Canal are straight out of central casting. There is always something unsavory going on and police often have to step in.

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Is very sketchy, The mens room is a horror show and the CVS store has lost thousands do to shoplifters.

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With the nice weather on Saturday, I took a long walk from my place in Newton Corner to Harvard Square, then Central, Kendall(bought some MIT swag), over the bridge to North Station(some Bruins swag) and finally Kenmore. I got to Causeway Street at about 3 p.m. The walk I took is something you wouldn't dare do in a lot of other metro areas. We are generally a safe, comfortable, well-to-do area, so have a stabbing occur on Causeway, where many tourists and Red Sox attendees were passing through, is somewhat disconcerting.

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You must be new around here. Copley Square and Boston Common are no better than Mass and Cass now, and there are frequent stabbings there. The only time our suburban leaders visit to watch Shakespeare they have to carefully crop their Twitter photos to hide needles, trash, and drunks.

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Why did you address your post @Chris77? Copley Square, Boston Common and Mass & Cass have nothing to do with Causeway Street.

You should try to submit a story about those area stabbings to @adamg. He might run it.

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You sound like a scared little suburbanite that listens to all the Fox News stories about the big bad cities and the “urban peoples”.

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The people who are most scared about the city are from the suburbs.

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You should see the people who openly comment about their fear of downtown BVT. Every time I see it, I challenge them to come down here and visit.

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… since the last time I passed through last spring, your statement is greatly exaggerated.

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I work on Merrinac and have so for 13 years. The methadone clinic next street over has been there before then. Valenti Way and Causeway is full of people receiving "treatment" so they can stumble around like littering zombies. Usual skeletel crack smokers sit outside in stairwells with lighter in one hand and small glass pipes in the other with eyes as big as saucers. You should stick around more often. Drugs fuel arguments and stabbings .

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In a lot of the posts on this subject. Does anyone actually live in that area? Which neighborhoods are affected by this treatment center if that was the source of the situation? I'm honestly curious.

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