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Man shot in struggle over gun with cop on Washington Street at Roslindale/Forest Hills line

WBZ reports an officer's gun went off during a struggle over a gun in a man's car during a traffic stop on Washington Street about a block south of Ukraine Way. The man was taken to the hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries in the incident, around 11:20 a.m. Several officers were taken to the hospital as well for observation. Police did not immediately say what the traffic stop was for.


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I feel REALLY BAD for anyone who’s in or whose kid is in the daycare right there! Eeek!

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The Globe reports it wasn't open this week.

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Right where?

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So this is why those obnoxious news helicopters were annoying thousands of people for over an hour. So the 4 people who watch local news can see a live shot of a parked car from an aerial view.

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Unrelated to this incident but I think you come off as a very sad, angry person and talking to a mental health professional instead of trolling the same website daily might be helpful.

- a Boston Cop

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Huh. Maybe it was a good day.

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...I'll agree with Kinopio. For situations like this, news helicopters are a nuisance and a hazard.

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So are Boston cops.

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Now, if this was like the time helicopters hovered over a school where there was a gas leak or whatever, sure, but this is overhead footage of a crime scene to lead off the telecast. Much better than if Anaridis Rodriguez is standing across the street for a live shot in a half hour.

And that said, pissing Kinopio off (which is easy due to the issues he has, but whatever) is a bonus.

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This sort of journalistically meaningless "live" footage has been the bane of local news casts ever since it was first introduced.

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