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Man stabbed at South Station

NECN reports somebody was stabbed outside South Station around 7:45 p.m.

A witness says that, based on the blood, the victim made his way into the station, to the police/information desk in the commuter-rail section.

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World class. Same thing happens all the time at Gare du Nord.

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I am no means quoting any fact here but considering NYC's crime rate, its pretty safe to say at least someone in the past few years has gotten stabbed at Penn or the port authority.

NYC is world Class

So now with this stabbing are we world class now?

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People do get stabbed at Gare de Nord from time to time. Googling it turns up a few incidents in the last few years, and that's just me looking at English language Google. Paris has things Boston doesn't have, but people get stabbed in lots of places.

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If you are ever a victim of a crime at South Station forget about finding a police officer at the police desk they are never there.

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I see uniformed officers at that desk everytime I am there, which is two times a day, six days a week.

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according to their timesheets, anyway.

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South Station was always pretty sketchy later in the evening, with a big homeless presence. I'm sure it's worse now that fewer people are commuting to downtown.

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