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Teens attacked in West Roxbury park with long history of teens who drink and fight

Boston Police report three teens playing on the basketball courts at Billings Field, off Bellevue Street in West Roxbury, were attacked by a larger group of eight to ten teens who challenged them to a fight sometime after 8 p.m. on Saturday night.

The teens who were attacked made their way to the Walgreens on Centre Street, where they called police. Officers found a group of teens nearby and questioned them, but the victims were unable to positively identify them, so they were let go, police say.

Police say the victims suffered minor injuries and that none needed transport to the hospital. In a Nextdoor post, however, the mother of one of the teens said he and one of the other two made a trip to the ER because they "suffered significant head wounds and a possible fractured jaw."

She added:

They were kicked to the ground and repeatedly beat upon. The incident occurred after one boy thought my son was old enough to purchase alcohol for them and my son refused (he’s 18).

Billings has long been a teen drinking hangout. Around 2005, some local teens who worked after school in the Roche Bros. produce market even organized themselves into the Fruits and Veggies Gang and took to threatening and occasionally beating people at the park and nearby, before they graduated Boston Latin School and Catholic Memorial and went off to college.

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How does the actions of nit wits from 16 years ago relate to this story?

Billings isn’t a hot spot for criminal activity.

Just another article trying to drag West Roxbury through the mud, that’s typical.

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Oh, it does! Obviously, what has been done 16 yrs. ago never corrected the problem. I've seen teens / i.e. college-bound lose their scholarships or have their admissions revoked for the kind of violence sustained in this event.
One should never get away with being drunk and violent without paying a price or at the very least having a chance to repair the harm they've done.
If someone did that to your kid, you'd hopefully see this differently.(although that's a sad commentary) It said the kid sustained a fractured jaw and head injuries.
Seriously? "Just another article trying to drag West Roxbury through the mud, that’s typical."
Wake up, Duh, strongman, this has nothing to do with where it happened. The next time the kid gets wasted and violent, he may not be so lucky to only be responsible for a fractured jaw and head injuries.
So please, Quit taking it personally.

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and s/he engages offensively in a violent confrontation and ends up losing that scholarship or having his/her admission revoked, that is on the miscreant, nobody else. The rule is, when one has a scholarship to a college or university--don't make any mistakes. Be careful, and watch your step.,

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to Duxbury--they seem like your type of people.

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1/2 of the coverage of West Roxbury are awesome photos of birds and 1/3 are posts about people getting red faced about condos being built.

I think some kid possibly getting their jaw broken at a popular park in the middle of the neighborhood is news?

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I’m not your buddy, pal.

But how about I help you with reading comprehension skills!

Assault at neighborhood park: newsworthy.

Linking an assault to a group of idiots from 16 years ago, with no correlation, to make Billings Field seem like crime ridden area: the reason I commented, because it’s nonsense.

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I hadn't planned on mentioning Fruits and Veggies, but they obviously left something of a scar on the local psyche, because guess what kept coming up in the discussion of this on Nextdoor, which consists entirely of local residents, as opposed to "outsiders" from far away, distant lands like Roslindale? So it seemed relevant for a story about the park where a) they hung out in their year before graduation and b) others mentioned this sort of thing wasn't unique to the park.

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Or….you can’t help yourself and never miss an opportunity to make snarky comments about West Roxbury. You certainly have a more cynical and judgmental tone in your stories about West Rox than any other neighborhood.
It’s ok to dislike West Roxbury and it’s residents. There’s nothing wrong with that. Admit it and embrace it. Don’t be intellectually dishonest and say “ Oh I saw it on Nextdoor and they used to hang there”. That’s just silly.

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Congrats on buying your kid a seat at BLS with Holy Name tuition!

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The BLS/Holy Name stuff has zero to do with me but I did read about a reconfiguring of the admissions process so not sure how relevant you comment is. Either way, don’t forget to give yourself a thumbs up for your cool, snarked zinger.

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You are the thin skinned "anon" from the earlier posts, right?

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I just did that, and I do feel pretty good about myself.

Be sure to try the white supremacy brunch at West on Centre, but please drive there. It's not safe to walk in WR.

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To the first comment, you have to be more specific about the earlier post with the thin skinned anon. That doesn’t really narrow it down - lots of thin skinned anons around here.

To the latter, no idea why you would think I’d want to go to a white supremacist lunch (for the record I would not). I find it strange that you reflexively imply that I’m a racist because you disagree with my comment about a fight at Billings Field.

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WR doesn't need help in dragging themselves.

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You will be found. Hopefully, you will get an opportunity to take responsibility for your crime and have a "come to Jesus moment."
Some ppl will never be able to use alcohol safely even as adults.
If the use of alcohol leads to this type of "barroom" violence, that's a red
flag for future "abnormal" behavior with the substance even when it becomes legal for you to buy your own.
I have taught about drugs & alcohol in schools for many years and whoever you are, it would be wise to come clean about the crime and ask your parents to get some help. This "out of control" violence under the influence, is a symptom of a deeper problem.

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Where is this?
I'm Confused?
Is there a South Roxbury?

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I spent many summer evenings at Billings playing basketball until the lights went out, for years,.and never saw a fight.

Someone asked where is this?

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