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Licensed gun owner spots guy choking woman in robbery attempt in Franklin Park; fires gun to get a faster response by police, which worked

Boston Police report arresting a man they say put his hands around a woman's neck during a robbery attempt at the Franklin Park golf course this afternoon.

Police say officers responded to the scene after getting 911 calls about gunfire - which turned out to be a shot fired, away from people, by a bystander who figured the gunfire would bring police to the scene faster.

According to police, the incident unfolded around 4:40 p.m.

The suspect had approached an adult female victim and attempted to rob her. During the incident, the suspect placed his hands around the victim’s neck while making threats to kill her. At this time a witness, who is licensed to carry a firearm, arrived and attempted to intercede. The suspect then approached this witness and reached towards the waistband area of his pants while making additional threats at which time the witness discharged a single round away from any persons or property, causing other individuals in the vicinity to call 911, hastening the response of BPD officers who quickly arrived to secure the scene.

Wayne Straw, 38, of Dorchester, the alleged would-be robber, was arrested on aggravated-assault charges, police say.

The bystander with the gun turned his weapon over to police for their investigation, which is continuing.

Innocent, etc.

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I was gonna walk around there yesterday since I live on the edge of the park. Guess that won't be happening. I filled out the survey on the Franklin Park Coalition website. Crime and safety at the park concerns were checked off as a "yes".

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What goes up must come down and luckily no one was injured. Who packs a gun while playing golf?

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I'm no expert on the subject, but firing a "warning shot" straight into the ground might be the best course of action. Yes, lead in the ground is bad for the environment, but lead in other things could be worse.

As for packing heat while golfing, it is a self policing sport.

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I just read a story about a man in Puerto Rico who shot a dog dead for running onto a golf course, so I guess they are packing while they play golf. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Shooting into the ground is not necessarily a good idea either. Bullets can ricochet off hard surfaces and Franklin Park is full of puddingstone.

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But according to a witness, he fired in the air

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Firing a shot into the air isn't good either, because when the bullet comes back down, it can land on a innocent bystander, hurt him/her, or worse.

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since there's no horizontal momentum and the vertical momentum will get killed by drag on the way down.

But good luck getting that angle right.

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we had more than one resident who had acquired their injury when they or someone else discharged a firearm straight up.

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Who runs onto a golf course and chokes random women?

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It'll be interesting to see how painful the process to get his gun back will be.

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Was the intent of the person with the gun summoning the police faster, or were they trying to scare the suspect?

Are the police recommending firing a gun as a way to get them to show up? Or would it be better just to call 911?

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Acoustic technology used by BPD generates notification 1-2 minutes faster than 911 calls, according to BPD website. Quite likely that the "shooter" in this case was aware of this system. He stopped a serious crime in process.

P.S. He may have simultaneously notified the motorized vehicle riders that venturing onto the golf course to threaten people may not be such a great idea.

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which is the bad thing about carrying a firearm. You have to worry about the other person getting your gun if you can't beat him in a physical one on one fight (or guess whether or not he has a weapon on him)

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He stopped a crime and no one got hurt.
Give him a crimestopper award.

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