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Police: Man rams bicyclist with a Bluebike on Columbus Avenue, then he and his pals punch and rob the victim

Boston Police report arresting three teenagers - two local and one from Norfolk - on charges they beat and robbed a man on a bicycle on Columbus Avenue near Camden Street shortly before 4:30 p.m. yesterday.

Police say the man had stopped and was standing when he was rammed by somebody on a rental Bluebike, knocking him to the ground.

While on the ground, the victim reported that he was punched several times and instructed to remain on the ground and count to twenty or he will be stabbed.

After counting to twenty, the victim looked up and saw one of the suspects going through his belongings. The suspect then kicked the victim and ordered him to remain on the ground and keep counting. The suspects eventually fled the scene stealing the victim’s bike.

Police say that after officers broadcast the victim's description of the three, officers spotted three guys and a bike about a half mile away at Melnea Cass Boulevard and Tremont Street. Police say they stopped the three and found two of the three actually did have knives.

Christian Issiah Heck, 18, of Norfolk, was charged with armed robbery, two counts of assault and batter by means of a dangerous weapon - a shod foot and the Bluebike - and receiving stolen property. The other two - one 17, one 16, both from Boston - were not named because of their age. They will be charged as delinquent on the same charges as Heck, police say.

Innocent, etc.




Oh, Heck!


I wish he was making headlines for something creative, I would definitely check out something named Christian Heck from an artist from nearly any format

They think 20 is some huge number.

If they keep playing with knives, they might only give you to the count of 19 soon enough.

Why would you steal a blue bike lol

If you need a two wheeled tank for ramming, it seems to work.


I used blue bikes on my commute exactly one time. It sold me on cycling, but wow they aren't great.


As a Bluebike subscriber, I winch whenever I see some people lounging around with one of those, or perhaps having them as part of their belonging. I don't quite get how people are appropriating them, but it feels like it is working against the point of the program.


The fact that people can be so feral, especially at such a young age range, is especially shocking, as well. Here's hoping that the victim has a full, speedy recovery. The kids who did that to him were vicious, and belong behind bars for a long time.


16-25 is like "peak-feralitiy" for men. If they can manage to get pas that age and find a job, most of them will probably stop with the criming and dealing entirely.

This is important because it means that treatment, occupation, education and monitoring, not prison, are essential here. If they go to jail, they're much more likely to be criminals for decades.