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Police say five armed guys were huddled in a Maverick Square courtyard when one pointed a gun at officers, ran, was cornered, pointed the gun again, then slipped in the snow

Seized guns and bullets

Seized guns and bullets.

Boston Police report arresting four men and a 13-year-old they say were huddled in a courtyard at the the Maverick Landing development with loaded guns last night.

Police say gang-unit officers stopped in traffic around 11 p.m. spotted five guys hanging out in a courtyard at 23 London St.

One of them, Erick Mariona, 20, of Brockton, police say, then ambled over towards the officers in their cruiser:

As Mariona got closer to the cruiser, the officers observed a firearm in his right hand. He continued walking towards the cruiser, then stopped and raised the firearm pointing it directly at the officers. The officers immediately exited their cruiser and ordered Mariona to drop the gun. Mariona turned and began running down an alleyway towards Havre Street. The officers pursued him down the alleyway, which was covered in snow. As Mariona reached the end of the alleyway, he turned towards the officers and raised the firearm in their direction, a second time. Mariona then slipped on the snow and fell to the ground, where the officers were able to apprehend him and recover a firearm. The firearm, a 9mm, was loaded with 10 rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber.

Responding to a radio call for help, additional officers arrived and rounded up the four other men. None had guns on them, but then one officer noticed the handles of two black guns sticking out of a snow pile near where they were standing:

The first firearm recovered from the snow, a Springfield Armory 9mm, was loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber. The second firearm recovered was a Taurus PT709 Cal 9mm, which was loaded with 5 rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber, and had an obliterated serial number.

Further investigation into the snow pile revealed two additional firearms. The third firearm recovered from the snow was a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, which was loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber as well as having an obliterated serial number. A fourth firearm, which was buried further down in the snow pile, was also recovered. The firearm, a SCCY CPX-Z 9mm, contained 9 rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber.

Mariona was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon. Mariona and three other men - Maurice, Nunez, 25, of Boston, Deandre Clark, 21, of Brockton, and Henry Smith, 21, of Chelsea - were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

The fifth person turned out to be a 13-year-old from East Boston, who was charged with being delinquent for unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Innocent, etc.


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I guess wearing those Timberland snow boots everywhere has gone out of fashion.

This seems to be a good thing for the cops.

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These photos of guns are triggering.

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I rate this police art: 6/10 points. A good bit of sloppiness in alignment.

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Someone should post it to https://www.reddit.com/r/knolling/

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Has BHA ever evicted someone for their criminal activity?

Seems like that would be a bigger deterrent than the slap on the wrist they get from the Suffolk court system.

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They have.

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From what I see as a longtime social services professional, it's completely arbitrary. Normal responsible parents with an old trespassing charge or fighting charge are denied housing, or parents who are trying desperately to work with the system to get their underage child to stop associating with gangs will face eviction, but career criminals keep their housing much to the dismay of the normal families in BHA who are working to get them booted.

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I wonder if initiations have gotten that rugged? seems extreme

I hope someone looks into any links between the officers and the arrested.

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He approached the BPD cruiser, gun raised towards officers, and he's alive today? Shame.

If they had opened fire to defend themselves, we'd have a major debate about police engagement.

Crazy world we're in.

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Another person who fell under the spell of "This gun is a magic wand syndrome". For some reason people still believe that if you pull a gun on someone they will run away or freeze on the spot. Why anyone would believe this would work on Police officers is beyond imagining. Must have been liquor or drugs involved as well.

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I think this episode shows that police don't need to shoot people every time they get a little scared. Even faced with a deadly threat, they need to deescalate and keep the peace. This story is pretty extraordinary, because who the hell is that dumb to go take aim on a cop? People have been killed for much less threatening actions.

We don't know all the facts but apparently, the cops on the scene were able to handle the situation without shooting or killing anyone. So, good. I don't get a medal for doing my job, either, but sure, this deserves a pat on the back.

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