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A view to a krill: Man learns it can be dangerous selling bags of frozen shrimp on the Red Line

Transit Police report pinching a shellfish Dorchester guy they say tried to steal bags of frozen shrimp from a man who was going down a Red Line car offering to sell them.

Police say the briny action started shortly before 9:25 p.m. on Wednesday on a train hurtling towards Ashmont, when a man started offering passengers bags of frozen shrimp at $10 a bag.

One of the passengers whom the victim believed may be a potential customer stated, words to the effect, "I'll take all of them" and proceeded to closed fisted punch the victim in the face and attempt to relieve the victim of his frozen bags of shrimp.

But it takes more than a punch to the face to separate a man from his shrimp and Eduardo Castro, 22, of Dorchester, fled the train at Ashmont empty handed - followed by the victim, who ran up the escalator yelling he'd been robbed. That captured the attention of Transit Police officers on patrol at the station, who quickly pincered Castro.

Police say Castro gave officers a fake name, then tried to scampi away, but the officers were able to tail him and quickly netted him again and this time arrested him on charges of attempted unarmed robbery and resisting arrest.

Innocent, etc.

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Anyone selling bags of shrimp on the street.......just stole that shrimp from somewhere.


Don't buy frozen shrimp on the red line.


Orange, Blue, Green or Purple lines.


good shrimp on the silver line?


The SL2 transports the workforce for several fish processing/vending companies, so people on that route selling frozen seafood are probably selling recently liberated product.


the shrimp that has to get off at South Station and change to the subway.

If not purloined, then pulled out of a dumpster

On the Good Ship Lollipop

If it's Blue or Green, it may still be fresh, but if it's Red or Orange, it's already done.


::seal clap::




Asking the question that begs to be asked. Where did the travelling shrimp salesman steal his bags of shrimp?


Red Line shrimp are local shrimp and local shrimp are fresh.


I'm only signing in to express my extreme admiration for your headline. Brilliant.


I thought you had outdone yourself on the headline alone, by then I read the article. Holy mackerel.


I think you'll appreciate this song

Thank you for the best laugh of the day so far!

Anybody knows good & well they were probably stolen. How do you steal from a thief?

That being said, I sure would have purchased them for said price. :shrug:

On a related note, there seem to be a lot of people just boarding T cars and approaching people at close range during this pandemic for very specious reasons, and the T is doing absolutely nothing about it, per usual. A few days ago I was on the Blue Line and and an individual with obvious mental health issues got on blasting music, shouted out some kind of declaration to the car at large, and started doing "dance steps" and flip flops (none of them very good) all over the car, swinging on poles, and then approaching people to solicit donations into a filthy, crusty hat. The man had a mask but it hung loosely well below his nose. Can't the T do something about people INTENTIONALLY posing a health risk on it's trains?

Nominated for best paragraph micronews reporting of 2021.

There is definitely something not kosher about this story...

Only in Boston story.

You think "Snakes on a plane" are bad? Imagine "Shrimp on a train".

for not thinking of that first.

It isn't legal.