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Three shot in Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain; one dead

Victim identified as Shawn Rae Hewson, 28, of Braintree.

Three men were shot on Centre Street at Creighton Street, one in the leg, around 11 p.m. Police found one victim down Centre at Walden street, the other about a bock away from the shooting scene, on Sheridan Street.

The man found near Walden Street was later pronounced dead; the other two are expected to survive. One of those, Kelvin Pimentel, 28, of Jamaica Plain, now faces gun charges because officers escorting him to the hospital found a loaded gun inside one of his boots, police say.

Police found a gun on Centre Street at Sheridan.

The Sheridan Street victim's car was found with bullet damage at the Centre Street scene, where police recovered numerous spent casings.

Boston murders in 2020.


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So much shooting. WTF?

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"a black away" should read "a block away."

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Now it says a Bock away. Makes me want a tasty malty German beer

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outlaws have guns.

There are rights listed in the Bill of Rights. But there are rights that are not written down. So they can not be enforced with law. Or can they?

One of those rights is the right to legally commit violence. For all the laws against violence there are plenty of laws that support violence. Stand your ground laws. An absolute interpretation of the 2nd Amendment supports the ease of anyone committing violence.

The NRA supports the right to violence. They call it the right to bear arms. But rarely are weapons owned because they have some intrinsic value. They are owned to have the ability to maim and kill, whether a person or animal.

Perhaps it would take a Biblical flood to purge the love of violence that is part of US culture. But until then we have to deal with violence as part of US DNA, just as hatred of blacks by whites is found in much of cultural DNA of southerners.

This is not an argument for apathy. Instead this is to argue that violence is part of our culture; there are laws that support the potential of violence. Changing a culture is hard. But at least laws that support a legal violence can be changed.

Yet how to do that in a nation where nearly half the electorate supported a man whose words and deeds are violent?

Maybe a lesson from the Gay rights movement. When people who are "red" hear from their loved ones who are "blue" then dialog and change can happen. But as long as we live in bubbles, supported by biased media (Fox News), bigoted radio programs and religious leaders who support spiritual if not physical violence against people who are outside the acceptable boundaries, we just wind up yelling at each other while more and more people die.

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You forgot to add MS Left BC (MSNBC), the Communist News Network (CNN), Rachel MadCow to the list of biased news sources.

Just sayin'....

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The Hatfields and McCoys of Boston. This feud has been going on for thirty years.

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They did have "I voted" stickers

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Assuming a relation to Pimentel's Market?

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