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Unofficial Carnival street party along Blue Hill Avenue ends with man shot

Shooting scene

Part of the crime scene on Blue Hill Avenue. Photo by Live Boston.

Update, Sept. 22. Boston Police report the victim, Changa Toyloy, 41, died.

Live Boston reports a man was shot on Blue Hill Avenue at Ellington Street around 2:30 a.m., in the middle of what had turned into a large pre-Carnival block party even though Carnival itself had been canceled in May because of Covid-19.

State Police Troopers as well as Officers who were on traffic posts at that intersection immediately began rendering aid to the victim and began to attempt to clear out the hundreds of cars, people and illegal mopeds and ATVs that were congregating in the area so Boston EMS could reach them.

The victim ran up Blue Hill Avenue to the area outside Stash's, where police found him. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of the victim's injuries. The

Spent shell casings could be seen littered around a vehicle with multiple bullet holes in it. Loud, festive music could still be heard coming from the vehicle’s sound system as the scene began to be processed.


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Prayers for the latest victim. This is further proof that violent crime is a much greater risk for young people in Boston than Covid-19, which at last check had killed zero in Boston under age 20. Surfing the Sunday morning news shows, there was feigned "grave concern" over the lack of social distancing and masks at President Trump's RNC acceptance speech on the White House lawn. Experts even fretted that it could be a "super spreader" event. Aside from the extreme violence, are Baker and Walsh concerned about the lack of social distancing and masks at the pre-Carnival block party? Were any $300 citations issued or is that just for small businesses along Blue Hill Ave. and across the commonwealth?

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If I were Black, and I got handed a $300 citation, I’d laugh at the public official who handed it to me.

Once again, to quote my dad, “Here, let me bend over and (expletive) the money out for you.”

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Grow up.

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Attendees of Trump's rally (namely Tulsa) have been dropping dead like flies since it happened

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As Swirly would say, citations please, honey?

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i'm not sure about any others but there was one really prominent death following the tulsa rally in hermann cain

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Five local deaths a week after it per Times

Herman Cain was the most prominent


You can Google for others. There are countless other articles from local Tulsa papers addressing it as well, sweetie.

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I haven't heard that the mortality is that exceptional, probably due to sparse attendance.

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This has been going on almost every weekend all summer. I've personally called 911 20 times, C-11 (answered by this woman with a MAJOR attitude) and Andrew Campbell. I guess 911 calls that aren't gunfire just aren't important to Boston. Calling Marty - forget it! He hides behind 311. I once called his PR person off hours and got my butt chewed for not being from the media.

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Come on, nobody's got $300 to pay. Food and shelter and trying to keep kids ahead in school and away from violence is enough of a financial struggle.

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Why can't both gun violence and covid-19 be treated as serious problems?

I hope that this party doesn't lead to an outbreak. That worries me a lot, with students coming back all over the city.

How are preventing outbreaks and preventing gun violence opposed to one another, exactly? The answer is they're not.

You should try switching off your TV and get out a little more frequently.

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Carnival, had it not been cancelled, would have been Saturday - J'ouvert in the morning, the rest in the afternoon. (It also would have been quite rainy.)

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was this the insanely loud party that lit up 311 last night with reports from all over lower DOT, including me behind st. brendan's?

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Cut me some slack

"State Police Troopers as well as Officers who were on traffic posts at that intersection immediately began rendering aid to the victim and began to attempt to clear out the hundreds of cars, people and illegal mopeds and ATVs that were congregating in the area so Boston EMS could reach them"

Why didn't Law Enforcement, Prevent or Intervene as that should have noticed the large crowds gathering and loud music. "State Police Troopers as well as Officers who were on traffic posts at that intersection." Feets away from the ruckus. Once of Prevention....

Duh: Ask for music to be shut off. Most everything else goes away.

Consider quicker Community Policing Prevention and Intervention. Don't become weak Law Enforcement. Engaging with the best tool on you Your Mouth.

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Others were hundreds of people. I’m sure they would have just shut off the music when asked by the troopers. Are you actually serious?

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If you have the bad judgement to go to one of these parties and hang out with other people with similarly bad judgement, chances are that some of your fellow revelers will have the bad judgement to be carrying a gun, and someone else with bad judgment might start a fight resulting in a cascading cluster of bad judgement.

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it’s tragic this man was shot.

but why does the city allow 2:30 am street parties? what good ever results from these?

i live near the arboretum. for the past 3 months, it’s 50/50 every night i will be awoken by pulsating music at midnight, or 3 am. saturday night is a lock. bpd responds to 911 within 20 min, yet the revelers often return an hour later.

some of my neighbors refuse to call 911 under any circumstances. they feel it’s a violent response. some want to reason w the partiers. some dont want to complain and risk accusations of white privilege, as if bipoc ears are immune to the audio assault. and some consider toleration evidence of their desire to embrace diversity. it’s bizarre.

i just want to get a reasonable night’s sleep. i dont care if the partiers are norwegian, nigerian or estonian. this is not a one-off neighborhood cookout gone awry. these revelers are tormenting the community.

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