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Woman whose body was pulled from the harbor had been reported missing several days ago

Recovered SUV

Recovered SUV. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports that with both bodies and vehicle recovered from the water off Black Falcon Pier, investigators are now trying to determine why and when they went into Boston Harbor.

At this time it is believed that the two people are Tatianna Morales, a young mother of two and the registered owner of the white Ford Escape along with her friend Djovany Pierre, aka Vanny Barrz, the man whom she was last seen with on August 11th in Roxbury.

Morales was from New Bedford.

"The recovery of the vehicle and the victims, both deceased, was a development in a still ongoing investigation," State Police reported.

From the poster that Morales's family began circulating several days ago:

Missing Poster

Rescue teams from Boston Police, Boston Fire, Massport and State Police began arriving at the pier around 12:45 p.m. on Friday to look for the vehicle and the two people believed in it. Both bodies have since been recovered, along with the SUV - which may have gone into the water several days ago.

GoFundMe page for Morales's funeral expenses.

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That could at least determine when this happened, if not why. This is an active port area.

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Mm. There's a camera at the door to 88 but not sure if it captures anything else.

This would be busy during the work day if not for Covid. On weekends, it's rather busy with guys with cars showing them off. And there's are typically a couple of people fishing. Plus I run there 2x weekly.

The top of the car looks crushed .. odd unless it hit something going over.

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I posted the Google Street View in another thread. Right where they went off the pier, there is a gated section with a gate house. The public roadway goes right, straight ahead is the gate, and they apparently went to the left and off the edge.

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You're saying they were traveling back from the pier, not going towards the end? That's really interesting because I just assumed the opposite without even thinking about it.

If that's the way it happened then yeah, they had 3 options and only 1 was the actual road. There's no sign at the gatehouse that says "turn right" I don't think.

At night, it could be confusing I bet.

Then there's the other stuff.

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They may have just shot off the edge, too.

But the roof damage suggests a roll over?

In either case, there is a gatehouse there. Those usually have cameras.

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Yes - That gatehouse and gate are Customs dividing line for the Cruise Terminal

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Someone notified the police yesterday that an SUV went into the water earlier in the week. The friends and family members were at the pier Tuesday based off the last snapchat video the female victim posted.

The female victim's family also said she had stab wounds.


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It took someone days to report that an SUV had gone into the water? WTH?!

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Or was it two days before someone spotted it in the water (e.g. low tide, in a boat)?

That would make more sense. There have been a number of long-lost vehicles recovered years after disappearances because someone saw something on google earth.

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Does not go down anywhere near 40 feet.

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Sunny/not sunny.
Vehicle rolls on side.
Tide drops and vehicle becomes visible 30 feet down.
Water clarity variations.

Any of these changes could make it easier to see a vehicle underwater. Somebody may have picked it up on sonar, etc.

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I can’t imagine anywhere in Boston that you could visualize a vehicle in 30+ feet of water. Just give it up.

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In the past 29 years? MWRA did s great job cleaning it up but show me anywhere on the inner harbor where you can see down 19’ never mind 40’.
And are you serious about sonar? Jacque Cousteau has been dead for years.

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Sad that I only knew she was missing because the family was posting on Instagram

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It's not *that* hard to escape a vehicle that goes under—at least one person should have survived, if not both.

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