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Man stabbed to death on Southampton Street; suspect arrested

Boston Police report Damien R. Hughes, 27, was fatally stabbed outside 112 Southampton St. around 7:25 a.m.

Police report arresting Cesar Valentin, 34, of Chelsea.

In May, 2018, another man was also fatally stabbed there.

Boston murders in 2020.



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Why does the BPD just list the address, so only those that know 112 Southampton is the shelter realize that this was likely a beef between homeless people and not some random stabbing that might frighten the community more?


.... just some homeless guy murdered. No reason for anyone to care.


He was not just some homeless man. He was not even homeless. He was an incredible soul.

He wasn’t some homeless guy. He had a fucking home. And a million friends all over the country. And he was a fucking brother to me. So go take your ignorant comments and shove them up your d*ck hole. I hope it hurts.

There is a reason to care. I knew Damien personally and he didn’t deserve to die. He was a good person who was trying to turn his life around. So maybe you should think before you say something so heartless. He was loved by many people. RIP Damien, you will never be forgotten

This comment is SO DISGUESTING and you have NO idea what you’re talking about. He was cared about by SO MANY and so young and will be loved and missed forever by SO MANY. This is horrendous. Now YOU imagine if this was your good friend, son, anything. This is so sick. There is something seriously wrong with someone who would say this. Fucking SICK

What community would be frightened by this that would also be unfamiliar with the location?

It actually was an unprovoked stabbing. So people should stop making assumptions.

that whole stretch of road is a nightmare. sadly, not shocked to hear someone was stabbed there. its effectively an open air heroin den. my wife and i have hassled the city for years about the deplorable situation down there, and other than that poorly executed campaign after that prison guard was attacked, they have done nothing other than let people die.

Southampton Street is a giant stain on the city of boston. its the hole in the safety net that they don't care to fix.


The closing of the long island services and the locating all social
Services in one area was such an obviously flawed and incompetent
Plan over 7 yrs ago .
Typical short sighted decision making.