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Two Connecticut men face gun charges after armed robbery in Jamaica Plain, one after he allegedly went to the police station to ask for the gun seized from the other

Boston Police report arresting two men from Bridgeport, CT on a variety of charges stemming from an armed robbery at Lamartine and Mozart streets in Jamaica Plain early this morning.

Police say Christopher Jamison, 35, used a gun to make a local man hand over his moped shortly before 2 a.m. Not long after, officers patrolling the area looking for the moped found it several blocks away at the Egleston Square Mobil station, with a man standing next to it, police say.

Officers approached the male at the gas station, and inside of the scooter’s seat, officers located a Smith & Wesson MP Shield 9mm firearm loaded with seven rounds of ammunition. The male was immediately taken into custody. The firearm was determined to be reported stolen out of Stratford, Connecticut.

Christopher Jamison, 35, was charged with unlawful possesison of a firearm, subsequent offense, unlawful possession of ammunition, receiving stolen property and, for the two Ecstasy pills police say officer found on him, possession of Class A drugs, police say.

As Jamison was being booked at the District E-13 station at Green and Washington streets, police say, Rodney Looney, 52, walked into the station and asked officers to give him the gun, which he said was his and that he had misaplaced it at a house party in Mattapan.

In a surprising turn of events, the male did not possess an active License to Carry and was subsequently taken into custody.

Lowney was then booked himself on charges of unlawful possession of a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.

Innocent, etc.




Who in their right mind walks into a Police Station and asks for a gun back with no documentation whatsoever? The man was 54 FGS!

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52yo Rodney Looney of Bridgeport CT walked into a Boston police station and asked for a stolen gun that that he said was his that was evidence in a crime--stolen property-- for which he was not a suspect until etc. ?

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In this case "Looney" seems to be truth in advertizing.

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Could he have been from the Monster Raving Loony Party?
Brits love Boston.

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So at one point in the '90s, my cousin had her bag either lost or stolen while at a bar. Said bag contained my cousin's stash of crack.

My cousin received a call from the police department that they had found a bag with her wallet in it and asked her to come retrieve it. Cousin showed up at the police station. They asked her if it was her bag. She said it was. They asked her if she would verify that all the contents (which I presume were spread out detective-style on a mat with rulers and possibly individually numbered) were hers.

Rather than doing what any sane person would do, and saying, "gee ossifer, I have no idea what that baggie is or why on earth it would be in my bag," my cousin said, "yep, all that stuff is mine," and was promptly arrested for possession.

I do not know what ended up happening to her bag or its other contents.

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"Misplaced it at a party"

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Did they drive 2 hours to steal a moped?

We're they up here visiting family, and popped out to steal it?

Did the moped victim owe them money?

The report says he didn't have an "active" LTC. Did he have an expired one?

I realize the gun-police-station-stupidity is the story here, but I really want to know the background when out of staters are involved...

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If he was originally from CT and just visiting, he may not have an active license in MA; therefore, turning the firearm over to him would immediately put him in unlawful possession even if he was licensed out of state (not to mention he would have to have transported it over state lines). LTCs don't cross borders in the northeast, you gotta have the appropriate license per state.

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Lmao the second guy

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He was arrested for *claiming* it was his? What if I claimed it was mine, would I also be arrested? Did they have any other evidence it was his? (e.g. is the gun registered to him, and its sufficient that it 1) ended up here and 2) he claimed he brought it here sufficient?)

Or did they look him up, find out he didn't have an (active) license, then *hand him the gun* so they could arrest him?

How exactly did this go down?

(ETA: I mean, if he said it was his gun, and he doesn't have an active license for it, that's clearly a problem, in any situation. But process is important.)

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Where does this fall exactly? I know there is precedent for arresting someone who confesses to a major crime. I think if I walked into the police station and said I murdered someone, they aren't going to rely on "well no cop saw it, so don't worry."

There's also precedent that something like past possession of controlled substances isn't going to bring a charge if you mention it to a cop.

Same with intent to commit a crime; things like full-fledged plans to bomb somewhere will bring charges, but can you charge someone for saying "hand me that gun over there" and you say they don't have a license to possess it and then arrest them anyway?

So was he arrested/charged based on stating that he formerly possessed this handgun? Or based on stating he intended to possess it?

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Well, the full BPD release said that the second man admitted to purchasing the gun out of Connecticut, and the gun was indeed reported stolen out of Connecticut, so he pretty much placed himself at the location that it was stolen from.

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I totally missed that.

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because he's Looney.

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