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Framingham teen charged with torching Boston cruiser during the rioting

Boston Police report arresting a 15-year-old from Framingham on charges he set an unoccupied BPD cruiser on fire as the downtown rioting was well underway on May 31.

The teen, too young to have his name released, is just one of several people police say "vandalized the cruiser, breaking its windows, and eventually setting it on fire" as it sat outside the Beantown Pub on Tremont Street. Police at first managed to get people away from the cruiser when they saw somebody trying to torch it, but then somebody returned and succeeded in lighting it on fire.

Police say he will be arraigned in juvenile court on charges of being delinquent for arson and for inciting a riot.

On Tuesday, the FBI released video and issued a wanted poster for two individuals related to the arson.



First sentence, I think you meant set an unoccupied cruiser on fire. Speech-to-text error, or fingers faster than brain?

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And not some dumb autocorrect phone thing. I did that all by myself. Thanks for catching it, fixed.

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Good job, guys. You really showed that...uh...fifteen year old.

Now about all the people getting shot by police...?

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who are those people being shot by police in Boston?

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I didn't know only one issue at a time could be addressed.

Now I know, until the law enforcement & racial injustices are quelled, the gloves are off & everyone gets a free pass at illegal activity. God help us...

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Aside from the criminal aspect, a 15 yr. old who intentionallly sets fire to a police cruiser likely has issues that need to be evaluated and addressed by a mental health professional.

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ANTIFA: a sophisticated revolutionary resistance force led by a ring of Metro West teenagers. God save the Commonwealth.

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Does anyone think that there might be a serious issue when we have 15 year olds riding the commuter rail to a "protest" and apparently carrying road flares?

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with any luck he'll turn it into an ass-kicking essay for his Ivy League applications

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Has anyone from Marblehead been charged yet. My son was invited by a group to join them in the protests. They went into Boston that night prepped for trouble.

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