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Man uses gun to demand a light at Maverick T stop, police say


Transit Police report arresting a Weymouth man they charge got angry at somebody else for refusing him a lighter and so whipped out a gun to make the point he really needed that lighter, shortly before 9 a.m. on Friday at the Maverick T stop.

Police say Elijah Messier, 20, didn't get far - and didn't get the lighter. Officers spotted him on an escalator and gave chase. They briefly lost sight of him, during which time, police say, he tried to ditch the gun under an information sign.

Messier was initially charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and illegal possession of a firearm, police say, adding he was also charged with possession of a Class A substance with intent to distribute after officers found what appeared to be heroin on him during booking.

Innocent, etc.


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For catching stupid criminals.

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The prosecutor will likely appreciate the artistry on Mr. Messier's facebook profile.


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From looking at the Facebook account, i don't think they will supporting me ,when I start collecting social security in 15 years.

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