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Police: Man asleep at the wheel of a newly crashed car was drunk and had an illegal, loaded gun

Boston Police report the charges against Lookens Dorcely, 25, quickly piled up after officers responded to a report of a car crash outside 53 Blake St. in Hyde Park around 2:45 this morning.

On arrival, officers located the suspect asleep behind the steering wheel of a heavily damaged motor vehicle. When officers woke the suspect, he appeared to be confused, unsteady and under the influence of alcohol. Officers also observed several empty beer bottles strewn about the inside of the vehicle. Additionally, officers discovered that the suspect’s drivers license had been suspended. The suspect was placed in custody on scene without incident. While preparing the damaged motor vehicle to be towed, the officers conducted an inventory search which led to the recovery of a loaded Ruger LC9 handgun from inside the vehicle.

Dorcely was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, OUI and driving after suspension, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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He was obviously on his way to his essential job as a doctor or something. We must keep all the streets open to drivers like him! Pedestrians and cyclists should be happy with their meager spaces and should be honored when heroic drivers like this one speed into them.

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Look at the time, 245am. Not a good time to be biking, but I agree this guy is a danger to anyone using the road at any time of day.

About once or twice a month I end up coming home from work between 1 - 2 am and you wouldn't believe the shit I've seen. At least 10 serious crashes caused by drunk driving or pure idiocy (racing). In all cases, they've been single vehicle crashes. I got out to help once b/c I thought a guy might be a low blood sugar diabetic who had crashed into the Powerhouse circle in Somerville. It turns out he was hammered so I got right back in the car and headed home.

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It's a lovely, quiet, tranquil time to be out. I don't do it often, but it feels good when I do.

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It turned out that he was hammered, so I got right back in the car and headed home."

That's cute! Why didn't you at least call the police and tell them that the guy was drunk, thereby having the scumbag arrested, like he should've been?

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Additionally, officers discovered that the suspect’s drivers license had been suspended.

You know what? Screw it. I was going to thump my chest about drivers' licenses, and how the revocation of one didn't stop this gun (expletive) from wrecking his ride, but I'll just reference The Simpsons instead:

Otto: (Reading driving manual aloud) "Alcohol increases your ability to drive." (flips page) "False? Aw, man!"

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But the license thing is more charges get tacked on to him , he gets a worse plea deal or bargaining chip (if any) and possibly gets more jail time/punishment and is set back even more because he didn't have it on him. SOME people will disobey the licence part but MOSTLY, people adhere to it. Do you just see every 15 year old out on the road alone without a permit? The fact that almost everyone has one, shows that it is a deterrent. It's never going to be 100% foolproof. Nothing is. No business is either and most actually expect attrition, not 100% perfection. That's completely unrealistic. You adhere to the driver's licenses, and when someone said it was useful because it stops guns from getting pointed at you, you stopped responding because it proved you wrong. You always do that.

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How do you sleep through a car destroying accident? I believe the correct term in this case would be "Blacked Out". That would explain his confusion on being awoken.

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