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Stoughton woman charged as repeat drunk driver who dragged a pedestrian with her pickup truck at an Expressway exit

Live Boston reports a woman with three previous OUI convictions was arrested yesterday after she allegedly hit a pedestrian and then dragged him at the top of the Expressway exit to Southampton Street, sending him to the hospital with serious injuries.

The crash happened around 6 p.m. After hitting the man, Gellissa Objio, 32, of Stoughton, allegedly kept driving with the man attached to her pickup, dragging the man for a short distance until he rolled away, ending up on a sidewalk, Live Boston reports.

Objio was charged with OUI, fourth offense, OUI while causing serious injury, operating with a suspended license, subsequent offense, speeding and a marked lanes violation.

In 2012, Objio appealed her second OUI conviction for an incident in Boston, but in January, 2013, the Massachusetts Appeals Court upheld that conviction, saying any errors by prosecutors or police officers who testified were inadvertent and minor and didn't affect jury deliberations.

Innocent, etc.




And she’ll do it again. If given the opportunity.

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She needs to be in prison for the rest of her life. She has made it clear that she has no regard for the lives of others.

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She's got probably got a terrible addiction problem. I'd hope that a combo of prison and rehab would be possible for someone like this. But prison to start sounds right.

It's not like she was illegally street racing where the driver is making a choice completely of sound mind. The driver in the unsolved Bentley street racing Back Bay crime from a few years back in the Back Bay - now that person should be jail for life but is presumably back home in Saudi Arabia or somewhere similar.

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She chose to drink. she chose to drive. Period.

MA needs to be tougher on these repeat offenders. Drive drunk once? Lose your license. Do it twice? At least 10 years in prison.

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if I believed our breathalyzers worked well enough and we had a sufficiently robust and trustworthy chain of custody for evidence. :-/

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10 years is not life in prison. That's all.

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We'll grind the economy to a halt, make 20% of the population unemployed, and endure a crippling depression to save thousands of lives. It's worth it, BTW.

So why can't we make the much simpler and not expensive changes needed to stop people from killing other people with their cars, particularly when drinking?

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What are the simple and not expensive changes?

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Based on her facebook page, she is absolutely correct that you should stay home, it could save lives, especially if she's out driving.

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Looks like she’s also a mom with a son. 4x and only 32.
You really have to dig into this one and ask, was there ever any intervention? Has she ever attended a 30-day in-house program?
A second time? 90 days? Beyond that, jail.
I hope she gets the sobriety she needs. Right now jail is looking pretty good and her son will suffer as a result.
I hope that pedestrian recovers and we hear that they will survive this horror without permanent harm.

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She probably won't get the sobriety she needs. Most people don't.
Her son will suffer, is suffering, no matter what.
The pedestrian will almost certainly suffer permanent harm. That's the nature of serious injuries.

As for intervention, honestly, very few people know what to do, and simply telling them "do this" won't change that. Because it's SO DAMN HARD. Because you are often castigated by the very people who should be supporting you. Because institutions don't support what you're trying to do. Because there are many more things surrounding you and the addicted person that work to keep them in their addiction, than there are working to change their life.

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