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Three women charged as aggro Downtown Crossing stompers

Boston Police report arresting women from Malden and East Boston outside the 7-Eleven on Tremont Street downtown early this morning after they allegedly wreaked havoc inside the store and then went outside to stomp a man unfortunate enough to ask them if they might have a smoke.

According to police, Audrina May Hebert, 18, and Brianna Romero, 21, both of Malden, and Jenna Gonzalez, 21, of East Boston, were asked to leave the store around 1 a.m. after allegedly just hanging out inside for an extended period of time - when not outside "fighting and harassing" passersby. Offended at being asked to leave, the three "returned to the store multiple times, throwing merchandise and assaulting [clerks and a random woman]," police say.

Once outside for good, they responded to a man's request for a cigarette by beating him to the ground and then continuing to punch and kick him - as one of them stole his phone - police say.

"Upon observing officers, the females eventually stopped their assault on the victim" - and one eventually owned up to taking his phone, police say.

The three were charged with two counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, unarmed robbery and disorderly conduct, police say, adding that Romero was also charged with possession of a Class B substance for the small plastic bag containing "a substance believed to be cocaine" found on her during booking.

Innocent, etc.



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From the mayhem at Macy's to daily battles at 7-11 and Burger King added to the shoplifting problems at other shops the Crossing is at a crossroads.

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The Tremont Street chapter of Opiate Addicts, Inc. have overrun that 7-11 and have been a menacing presence there for some time now. I have noticed the addicts that swarm that store are more aggressive and violent than the ones that swarm the Haymarket Dunkin Donuts.

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We can definitely spare one store for those suffering from mental health, housing and addiction issues.

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... cigarettes. Part of the problem.

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Lottery tickets, another part of the problem.

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Huh? What does this mean?

Lee wrote; 7-11's still sell ... cigarettes. Part of the problem.

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Cigarettes and lottery are probably the only things that keep it afloat

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