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Dorchester jewelry store robbed at hammerpoint

WBZ reports a guy walked into Ngoc Lloi Jewelry, 1391 Dorchester Ave. in Fields Corner, Monday night, asked to see some jewelry, then took out a hammer and smashed a jewelry case and helped himself to about $50,000 in jewelry.



Hammer time!

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Have been the victims of robberies, beatings,shoplifting and hate crimes in the area of Fields Corner and no one seems to care.

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City Hall and the media routinely pretend the Vietnamese community doesn't exist. They have no political representation or clout despite being the majority in a good part of Dorchester. In general Boston has a severe underepresenation of Asians in city politics compared to their share of the city's population.

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Thats ridiculous! I know Michelle Wu isn’t Vietnamese, but she’s extremely popular in the city and is a good representative for the Asian community in the city. I just moved out of Fields Corner (out of State) and they are a closed off community, similar to the Chinese in Quincy. I can’t wait to watch that dry drunk waste of a mayor, Marty lose the next election to Michelle Wu! I’m only disappointed I won’t be there to vote for her.

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